2014 Autumn & Winter Fashion: Plaid Knitted Cardigan

It is essential and necessary for you to have a piece of cardigan, sweaters and coats, warm and fashion enough, in the cool autumn and cold winter. However, if you want to show the cool neutral style impression, there is no doubt that long cardigans will be your best choice.

Plaid Knitted Cardigan

In modern times, cardigans in single pure colors are no longer your one and only choice. Expect for them, cardigans with unique printed patterns also gain the majority of people’s favors, for example, plaid knitted cardigan.

Plaid Knitted Cardigan Plaid Knitted Cardigan

For most of young and fashion people, I suggest that British style fashion must be one of your favorite styles since they can show your elegant, dignified and natural temperament. This is kind of European preppy style indeed.

Plaid Knitted Cardigan Plaid Knitted CardiganPlaid Knitted Cardigan Plaid Knitted Cardigan

Different from the sexy fashion of Paris, Milan, New York, European style is very traditional, conservative and dignified. In the same time, they can modify women’s figure curves. As everyone knows, plaid printed pattern has a very long history. There is a statement said that plaid printed patterns is equal to the history of Britain. We can see the important role that plaid printed pattern plays in the preppy Britain style. In the fashion clothing design stage, plaid printed patterns are often used and regarded one of the most fashionable design elements. More than that, there are more and more forms and ways for designers to express them and they are becoming more and more various. No matter coats, cardigans, sweaters or other fashion wearing with this pattern, they can show you all the elegant and dignified impression. Influenced by the weather, coats and cardigans have particularly gain people’s favors and they have become the important representative of British style. They all can show you the vintage and preppy style in the 1960s-1970s of course!

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