2014 Early Autumn Series: High Collar Knitting Sweater

Autumn, blowing cool and soft wind, is such a good time for you to wear light and comfortable turtleneck knitted sweaters! Different choices of wearing them directly or matching them with coats can surely give you different visual changes. In order to avoiding formal and serious sense that high collar knitting sweater brings, you’d better choose clothes with attractive and eye-catching features. In this way, you can weaken the mature and firm feeling on the whole.

High Collar Knitting Sweater  High Collar Knitting SweaterHigh Collar Knitting Sweater

As the necessity in autumn, knitted sweaters have shown in front of us with even more sexy, funny and artistic impression. Light, see-through, irregular pattern and so on make your autumn destined not to be monotonous!

High Collar Knitting SweaterHigh Collar Knitting Sweater High Collar Knitting Sweater High Collar Knitting Sweater

These light and see-through knitted sweaters have become one of the best ways for you to show the sexy impression in this season. Knitted sweaters with different densities make their colors filled with stratified feeling. To mater the see-through degree properly is exactly the charming point in, sexy and not over extreme. In the same time, it has the classic and dignified feminine temperament.

Sweaters for Women Sweaters for Women Sweaters for Women

More than that, irregular sweaters show you additional casual, natural and chic impression. To be matched with blue jeans, they can show you the spontaneous but not old-fashionable impression indeed. In the same time, these sweaters also bring funny and original design to us. Detail designs avoid the complicated visual effect and arouse wearer’s interests of wearing.

Sweaters for Women Sweaters for Women Sweaters for Women

Irregular knitted design filled with artistic sense shows you the elegant and charming femininity.

Fabric lamination makes clothing look even more stereo and a pair of dresses in pure colors can show you even more mature and sexy impression! To try on it and you will gain a surprising and amazing looking! You will surely become the high fashion master in the street this time!

Sweaters for Women

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Sweaters for WomenSweaters for WomenSweaters for Women


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