2014 Fashion Trend丨Figures Printed Short Skirts

Common floral printed dresses have already become the common expression of fashion trend. It was these comic portraits, avatars that appear long times ago and solemn religious figures printed pattern. All these figures printed clothes have brought fresh air to the fashion circle which makes us get rid of serious and monotonous feeling successfully and become the best symbolization for people to pay a tribute to youth time.

Figures Printed Short SkirtsFigures Printed Short SkirtsFigures Printed Short Skirts

Religious printed pattern arouse huge and overwhelming temperament.

Right here, what I need to put emphasis on the amazing performance of spring& summer Madonna series, Givenchy 2013 show. First of all, what should mention is these men’s fashion show performed by female models. Since the designers don’t show clothes with the theme of dark colors, instead, a series of holly and pure religious figures appear to have a violent contrast with dark colors. It is undoubtedly that clothes with religious figures prints have become the most powerful clothes in nowadays fashion field. More than that, it has become a star style wearing for people to pursue.

short mini skirts short mini skirts

Figures printed short skirts make a zero-age stage.

In addition to these figure printed pattern, there are some other styles for you to choose, such as cartoon pattern and floral printed pattern with different types. Visional figure impression and various T-shirts can not only level up the modern feeling, but also make us enjoy fun of matching and wearing clothes without the limitations of ages. I am sure that this strong fashion force will continue to be hot in the future.

short mini skirtsshort mini skirts

Innocence brings creativities. To make these funny figure printed shirts worn in formal occasions need our absolutely imaginations. Individual high heeled shoes, waist skirts will make you hold on the atmosphere. Moreover, pencil skirts and shoes with bright colors that comply with the color of T-shirts will be your best option.

These clothes with oil painting pattern and cartoon printed pattern will show your personalities. It is certain that they will become your best companion to make you look fashion and luxurious!

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Figures Printed Short Skirts Figures Printed Short Skirts Figures Printed Short Skirts


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