2014 New Fashion Trends丨Portrait Print Dress Popularity

In this spring and summer, what is the most fashionable clothing pattern? Floral printed pattern? Or striped pattern? All of these answers are wrong. The most fashionable and sharpest designs in this season are these clothes with portrait printed pattern. No matter T-shirts, womens dresses or coats, striking and amazing portrait printed single items has become one of the most fashionable trends. However, this violent craze continues its popularity in this spring and summer. I deem that they will maintain its power till this fall and winter. It has nearly become star’s necessity for leisure wearing.

Crop Slim Blue DressCrop Slim Blue DressAmanda Seyfried and Rihanna always carry fashion into effect. There is no exception for this time. Printed pattern makes portrait filled with pop art beauty, unique and outstanding. By comparison, portrait printed dress that Andrea Riseborough wears, has more artistic and vintage atmosphere.

The most fashionable and coolest girl in England, Poppy Delevingne and fruit lady, Dolce& Gabbana, seems to tell us a wonderful and magic story through cool soldier printed dresses with colorful and bright colors. The most charming and affecting dresses are ceremonial dress of Ruth-Wilson, romantic, elegant and impressive.

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Filled with France style romance, these portrait print clothes have given you a unique and exotic feeling. Brilliant colors and classic portrait printed patterns will surely leave an impressive sensation on you. There is no doubt that portrait printed clothes will be a strong fashion power that have a great influence on your wearing.

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