2014 Vintage Style Comeback丨Leading the Fashion Trend

vintage clothing In today’s fashion field, vintage clothing have a broader meaning, used in explaining a kind of quaint quality. Containing the trace of old times, vintage style is revived under designer’s creative inspirations. However, it is not suitable to call these second-hand shirts as vintage style clothes. The reason why they are defined as vintage style is that many famous fashion brands have put them out with a grand reputation, such as Chanel, Balenciaga, Emilio Pucci, Halston, Yves Saint Laurent, John Anthony, Christian Dior and Couturiers. The classic and the most representative clothes form their collection value as time passes. After 20 or 30 years, they can even represent clothing style of that period.

vintage clothing vintage clothing vintage clothingOriginally, the word, vintage is derived from Japan, which refer to these classic pattern of high level clothing brand in the resale market. They are particularly popular among young people. The vintage style that seems to be old-fashioned pattern mainly has styles like Japanese style floral patterns, European& American style large& bright flowers elements, amazing contrast colors and images& patterns of various animals.

Another style that also can be called as vintage style is pop style. Applied with repeated patterns that are prohibited by classicists and modernists, stars’ photos have become the best creative themes and materials. Characters in pop art are regarded as the extreme representative of vintage style. Exaggerated, bizarre, imaginative styling, pure& bright colors pop design breaks all the traditional constraints, which have a distinctive character of time. To meet the personality and rat-fuck attitude of today’s youth, wild, pride and hippy, vintage pop style gains majority of supports among young teens. In fashion field, vintage mini dress that designed by Mary Mesquite and French universal suits perform a surprising impression, filled with modern elements, overwhelming forces and creativities.

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