2015 Simple Style Fashion, Striped Tops

striped tops

Just put your hands up if you show special preference to fashion striped wearing. The charm of striped wearing can’t ever be resisted. Simple fashion occupies a great proportion in our everyday life. In the busy city life, striped stops have given too much comfort that we need.

striped tops striped tops striped tops

striped tops striped tops striped tops

striped tops striped tops striped tops striped tops

2015 is exactly one year that simple minimalist style is popular. Therefore, in this time, we all love to make everything complicated into the simple and transparent one. Then, stylish pop design with strong contrast becomes your second choice. Instead, simple and classical black and white stripes come into your eyes. Don’t just look down upon these straight cross stripes and vertical stripes. They are your faith to show abundance in simplicity, to reveal elegance in purity. All in all, it is very cool and fashionable for you to wear stripes when you go out.

striped topsstriped topsstriped tops

Do you still remember these casual tops or dresses with patchwork design? Generally speaking, comfortable material such as cotton, sexy material such as see-through chiffon and some unique material such as knitted hollow-out, lace and so on show you the alternative choices patchwork to show different kinds of stylish appearance. In addition to that, most of them are fashion long wearing.

striped tops striped tops striped tops

However, in this year, short tops with patchwork become the new fashion focus. Loose striped t-shirt with hollow-out embroidered lace decoration is surely the trend wearing. The lace decoration on the bottom looks like floral decoration, seeing from a far place. Detailed works seem to be more delicate and eye-catching and they are more fit and convenient for you to wear. I suggest that it is really unique and romantic.

striped tops striped topsstriped tops

In the same time of making fashion simple style dressing-up, these unique wearing can certainly make your life even chic and full of fresh and creative ideas.

striped tops striped tops striped tops

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striped tops striped tops


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