5 Style Tricks to Steal From Fashion Editors

Some people are born with great taste of fashion while some people barely know fashion. But for most people, as long as you manage to get some great style choices, you can pull off various fashionable looks. If you want to dress like It girls or thinking about getting new style with different women clothing, these five style tricks of fashion editors can help you out.

fashion editor style tipsGraphic+ neutral color= perfection

fashion editor style tipsGraphic may be one of the favorite fashion elements for many girls and indeed it is the necessary piece to capture stylish looks. If you want to stand out from the crowd with graphic, embrace it with neutral color. See how Joanna Hillman, fashion editor for Harper’s Bazaar pull off graphic and you will know graphic plus neutral color gets effortlessly edgy look. You may notice that when wearing graphic clothing, Hillman prefer match it with black which is all- match. Of course black is also chic and cool. Actually, neutral color like white and grey also go well with graphic to get fashionable look. For example, if you wear this women printed blouse, you should pair it with neutral color like black. So there is one focal point of your ensemble.

fashion editor style tipsfashion editor style tipsfashion editor style tipsFashion is balance of art.

fashion editor style tipsIn fact, even if they are fashion editors, they will follow the basic dressing rules, which mean the balance of each fashion items. Take Christine Centenera as an example. She likes to team those sexy feminine items with business wear. You want to wear an A-line skirt to work. Go for it only if you pair it with a business like top like a white blouse. Likewise, when wearing sexy tops, she would choose some items that are kind of business like. This is how she managed to balance the fashion items.

fashion editor style tips

fashion editor style tipsfashion editor style tipsDrape your coat.

fashion editor style tipsAs the weather is getting colder, people are wearing their new coats. Outwear are necessary to get through winter. If you want to look edgy, just drape it over your shoulders. This is why you always see people of street snaps not wear outwear. Caroline Issa, fashion editor of tank, loves draping her coat when she is wearing an elegant dress or a simple T-shirt with jeans.

fashion editor style tips

fashion editor style tipsEveryone should have sneakers.

fashion editor style tipsI believe many of you choose to pair your sneakers with casual clothing. In fact, they can work well with fashionable items. This is what Zanna Roberts Rassi is doing. Whether it is a delicate dress or a pretty skirt, she prefers her white sneakers. So why not take off those high heels and get some rest with the casual sneakers.

fashion editor style tipsfashion editor style tips

Show your ankles.

fashion editor style tipsAnkle boots are often used to pair with shorts or skirts. However, if you like trousers as much as Emmanuelle Alt does, wear pencil jeans with ankle boots. Don’t forget to roll your pants to show your ankles especially you are wearing a unique boots. Don’t let your pants cover the pretty details of your boots. Besides, this can elongate your lower body.

fashion editor style tips

fashion editor style tips


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