6 Sexy blouses that will give you a lovely look

Women’s outfit is a large market in the fashion industry which keeps on updating itself with new and trendy clothing designs. Women outfits comes in various colours and patterns. One of the western outfits going viral is the women’s top design.

The tops are available in all different sizes in a huge range of short and long length. Made from polyester, silk, cotton etc., they have acquired a place in the wardrobes of the females for a fashionable look. Whether you want to wear it on skinny jeans or long leggings, they always give you an attractive look with comfort.

Stylish and beautiful blouse designs

Batwing Top design

A popular women’s fashion tops going viral these days is the batwing top design. The sleeve pattern of the top justifies the name given to the top. It is loose from the top while has a good grip on the hips and waist with the proper crease. The hot chiffon sleeves and back pattern gives it an attractive appearance. The sexy blouse is suitable for jeans and shorts.
Floral Loose Top Design

Want something for summers! Get a loose cotton top with floral prints on it. The white cotton is given a print of embossed pink floral design to make it lovely. The top is widely selected by the women with medium or heavy body structure on jeans or Capri. They help to feel comfortable and relaxed in the hot summers from sweat.
Off Shoulder Top

Want to try something trendy or sensual to wear for a special occasion! A trendy tops design with off shoulder pattern is the best suitable for such occasions. The tops are given broad necks which slide below one or both the shoulders for a romantic look. The length and fitting depend on the choice of the wearer.
Tunic Top

The tunic ladies tops are quite popular among women. The top gives a perfect upper body fitting to the ladies. The lower portion is made with chiffon which is low in front while it is lengthy from behind for a dragging dress appearance. It is preferred on leggings or simply as a single gown. The long tunic tops are widely worn with leggings.

Sleeveless collar shirt design

Want a professional approach even in a casual look for offices! Try a shirt designed top with a collar. The top is similar to a shirt but is loose in fitting. It is available in both sleeve and sleeveless outlook. The pattern is widely used by teens in college and offices. The length is shortly suitable for leggings and jeans.
Ladies Sheer Top

The women are more likely to wear a designer top design made by using cotton and sheer material for a clumsy appearance. The cotton top is given the upper and lower layer bordered with sheer material along with the sleeves. The sheer gives wonderful tiny floral designs which bloom up on jeans and leggings. The tops are made with several attractive colours to choose from according to your skin tone.
Women’s blouses have always given several varieties with material and design to select from. Its charm also allows the aged women to wear it as it is also available in long lengths. Whether the top is simple or designer, it adds glamour to the outlook of a women.


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