A Square Silk Head Scarf: Refresh Your Look Easily

Square Silk Head Scarf

Do you have the time when you are bored of your wardrobe but you don’t want to go shopping? Do you have the time when you feel tired of your look? Do you want something new and fresh to refresh yourself? Actually, all these problems are not difficult for you to solve. Follow me, I will make it easy for you by easily using a square silk head scarf, letting you refresh your look easily and cheaply.3.To be used as a headband1. To be used as a neckerchief

Square silk towel is used most commonly as a neckerchief. If you often wear solid color T-shirt, shirt, wholesale china dress or other clothes that you think can match with it, you can use a square silk towel to decorate your dressing by wearing it as a neckerchief, which enables you to have a new dressing even you are just wearing the old clothing so that you can easily achieve your goal of refresh yourself.

1.To be used as a neckerchief 2. To be used as a head scarf

Square silk scarf can be also used as a head scarf. When you are bored of you hairstyle, you can use square silk head scarf as head scarf by wrapping your head, which not only give your a very styled look but also make you look fashion. So, refresh your look is just a piece of cake.

2.To be used as a head scarf 3.  To be used as a headband

Using it as a headband is also a good idea to refresh your look. Using it as a headband by making a bow tie, you can easily make you look very cute or look elegant. What style show by your a square silk head scarf depends on your preference. If you like, you can have a have a different look just just by using a square silk scarf. Everyday, you are a fashion icon.

headband 4.  To be used as a decoration for your waist.

You may be puzzled at this way but don’t worry. What you only need to do is to fold it into the shape of belt and then wrap it around your waist like a belt.

Tips: when you take it off, you can also use it as a decoration for your bag or as a ornament for your wrist by making it into a bow tie.



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