How to Accessorize Your Bohemian Look?

Bohemian style is very popular among us. It not only shows people’s attitude towards life but it also a style that completely shows women charm. I have many friends who love this style and they always can wear this style with chic. What is their secret to wearing the bohemian style? They said that in addition to having beautiful plus size bohemian dresses, bohemian accessories are very important. Therefore, today we will share how to accessorize a bohemian style?

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Big beads, feathers, and a lot of silver

In wearing accessories in a Bohemian style. always remember to wear silver necklaces and/or bracelets. This is commonly used by people who go with this style even famous celebrities are known to show some fancy jewelry. If you cannot afford to buy those expensive ones, it is always okay to wear cheap silver plated jewels because it is safer that way.

Beads can be made from different, shiny and interesting things like gemstones or seashells. Some beads can also be made from varnished wood. Big beaded necklaces and bracelets are a good accessory too in this style especially if your clothes are loose, floral dresses. The more colorful the beads are, the better.

Feathers is another accessory that can be put in the jewelry that could match your Bohemian style. It would reflect the wearer as free-spirited, independent and unique.

plus size bohemian dresses

Wear wide-brimmed hats or headbands

Your bohemian style isn’t complete without having one of these big but floppy brimmed hats. They can be worn both during the summer and the cold rainy season depending on the material. The materials for the hat may vary from felt hats that are suited for rainy days and straw hats for summer or sunny days. Besides, the headbands are also the good thing to accessorize your bohemian style because they can well help you stylize your bohemian hairstyle.

plus size bohemian dresses

Felt boots and sunglasses

Felt or velvet boots may be expensive but if you can’t afford to buy one, a pair of rugged or worn sneakers will do. To complete your “Boho” look, Don’t forget to wear big, tinted sunglasses. These would make the wearer both look mysterious and appealing.

plus size bohemian dresses

A bohemian hairstyle

With a bohemian hairstyle, you can wear a bohemian style with chic although you wear wonderful plus size bohemian dresses.

plus size bohemian dresses


As I have said before, we could combine different sets of clothes that would both match our current mood and also the weather. Also, it is not important if your Bohemian attire consists of cheap clothes or jewelry that’s bought from a second-hand thrift store. The important thing is that you are happy with what you have and that you know how to accessorize correctly according to your desired fashion.



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