How to Adopt the Chinese Traditional Fashion Items?

Chinese traditional fashion is one of the most adopted fashions in the whole world. Most designers incorporate different elements of the Chinese fashion into the modern designs and they create epic fashion items. There are various China traditional clothing fashion elements that are trendy in 2018. Among them are the traditional hanfu, the Quipao, and the Zhongshan zhuang. These elements can either be modified to fit the modern fashion trends or they can be worn in their original form to bring out a classier look.

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  1. The traditional Hanfu

It was a piece worn by women in the hans ethic group. It has gained a lot of popularity, not only in China but in the entire world. The traditional Hanfu is an ankle length gown with long, wide sleeves. It’s collar overlap mostly from the left to the right. A crash is artistically wrapped around the waist to secure the gown. The traditional hanfu normally has no buttons. This garment can be adopted into the modern fashion in so many ways. Its collar style can be used on sweaters, sweatshirts, and shawls to create stylish fashion items. The hanfu can also be redesigned to be more fitting and light to create a classic dress for the classic fashion lovers.

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  1. The Qipao

The Qipao is yet another most trendy traditional Chinese fashion items in 2018. It is an originally wide long dress that covers most parts of the body. The Qipao dress is made of silk and embroidered in many types of colorful flowers. The collar, sleeves, and edges are trimmed with thick laces. This wholesale clothing china item can be easily adopted in the current trend without altering its intricate designs. The Qipao can be tightly fitted to be suitable for the modern woman fashion. Its collar design can be used on other items like blouses, sweaters, and suits.

The Qipao dress can be worn as an official dress or casual wear. It’s also suitable for events like weddings and parties if well incorporated into the modern fashion.

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  1. The Zhongshan Zhuang

The Zhongshan zhuang is a Chinese male tunic suit. It was mostly worn by the high-class Chinese men due to its simplicity. It made them look respectable. It is a mix of the traditional Chinese military uniform and the Japanese school uniforms. Most designers make few or no changes to the suit preserving its simplicity.

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The wholesale clothing china fashion has always been in trend, with some fixing and redesigning to fit the modern world. It’s one of the most attractive and easiest to adopt mainly because of its simplicity. The Chinese traditional fashion items are easily available and affordable.


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