Are You Wearing Your Cardigans Right?

People often say there is always a little black dress in a woman’s wardrobe. Likewise, cardigans are one of the women clothing every woman would have. There are different lengths, colors, prints, which is the reason why we need to know how to wear them right. If you wear them right, they will work well with other clothes. If not, you might look awful.

women cardiganswomen cardiganswomen cardigans

Speaking of cardigans, the waist-length cardigans are very common and wearable. The wrong pairing will create terrible proportions and make you look stumpy. To dress them in a smart way, you want to pay attention to the length of other clothes. Wear it with a high-waisted dress will lengthen the proportions of the bottom. Make sure the length of the cardigans that is as long as the waist line would be just fine.

women cardiganswomen cardiganswomen cardigans

If you are a big fan of boyfriend style, you must have one of these boyfriend cardigans. The oversized style abates the feminine features and hides your silhouette. These loose and comfortable cardigans work perfectly with tight knee-length skirt or jeans. Since the top is loose and flowy, the bottom should be fitted so you won’t look bulky.

women cardiganswomen cardiganswomen cardigans

Another classic cardigan is a wrap cardigan. It is not as bulky as the oversized cardigans because you still can flatter your figure. Keep in mind that you want to avoid wearing a skirt, which creating weird proportions, too.

women cardiganswomen cardiganswomen cardigans

In addition, you want to pay attention to its print and color. The women warm cardigan sweater of one single color is suitable for office outfit because of its simple and smooth cutting. If you want the outfit pops out, wear a scarf with leopard prints or some eye-catching jewelry. In the office, the focal point of your outfit should focus on some subtle details to avoid exceedingly strong visual effect.

women cardiganswomen cardigans

Of course, you may wear some colorful cardigans to liven up the cold winter. Exaggerated prints pairing with a pair of simple black pencil jeans is much more casual. Different matching will bring different results. If you are wearing a striped cardigan, remember that narrow stripes do better than the wide ones in elongate your proportions.

women cardigans

women cardiganswomen cardigans

Cardigans are those you can wear in a not so hot and not so cold day. Whether wearing them elegantly or in other ways, you want to stick to the above rules. If you wear them right, they will flatter your figure.

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