Audrey Hepburn’s Vintage and Trendy Style

vintage style dresses

You cannot talk about fashion and not mention Audrey Hepburn. She is one of the most renowned style icons and famous for having had a very consistent and classy style. Audrey Hepburn always went for a simple but elegant look that brought out the outstanding sense of style in her as far as bringing out that vintage style was concerned. Whenever she showed up in a public place, she always had on this cheap vintage style dresses that always took everyone’s breath away.

vintage style dresses

Literally, Audrey Hepburn was known for her sense of vintage style dresses which was, and still is something to reckon with throughout the generation. This famous actress and activist had carved for herself a classy signature look; a vintage look she carried everywhere she went and that left many yearning for more. The perfect little black vintage dress was one of her favorite elegant vintage styles, a look that has remained popular to many ladies over the time.

Audrey’s most striking and unique thing was her ability to look stunningly hot and classy in practically anything. With her, anything she wore looked perfect and elegant something many fashion consultants say had a lot to do with her heartwarming personality. Most of her favorite looks were having Black pixie pants with a loose top or ballet flats and oversized button-downs. We know just too well that no one else could bring out that feminine in tomboy look like Audrey did.

cheap vintage dresses

She also had a thing for stripes, well, you haven’t seen cool till you see the striped shirt on Audrey. Midi skirt with Strappy shoes on, was also one of her well-executed styles.

vintage style dresses

Besides that, she exercised her fashion strength by sometimes wearing Turtleneck with pants and Loafers, Plaid shirt with plaid pants, Trench coat over vintage dresses, Cropped trousers with Ballet flats, Stripped pants and Halter dresses with strapped shoes.

vintage style dresses

Her sense of fashion was remarkable, something that may relate to the day we are living in. Now, many celebrities and fashion icons also love Hepburn style. We strongly believe the main reason why her vintage style dresses have remained trendy is that besides being cheap vintage styles, these styles are executed effortlessly and very easily. Whatever the season, whatever the occasion, age notwithstanding; Audrey Hepburn style got you covered.




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