Banggood Easter Live Stream 2020: Hunting $999 Easter Basket

Banggood, which is one of the biggest online shopping retailers in China has been dedicated to offering you the best products and the most professional customer service. With its developing strategy of being a customer-experience oriented retailer that creates continent value for customers, Banggood is paying more attention to customer care and interaction. Now, partnering with Facebook, Banggood is going to further the idea of being customer experience-oriented by launching a big interactive activity called Banggood Easter Live Stream 2020 as the Easter approaches.

Banggood Easter Live Stream 2020

Officially, Banggood Easter Live Stream 2020 will be coming at 5pm(UTC/GMT+1)on April 10th, encompassing a series of interesting and interactive programs that benefits you the most, including New Arrival Product Reviews, Send Free Personalized Easter E-card to family through Banggood Messenger to Win Giveaway Prizes and $999 Value Easter Basket Giveaway, there will be $10,000 product giveaway waiting for you. By participating in the mentioned activities, you might walk away with the big prizes that are offered by Banggood.

For instance, by joining the activities called New Arrival Product Reviews and Send Free Personalized Easter E-card, you can be able to get giveaway items that are reviewed in the Live Stream. Worthy to notice, the review items that you may win in the live stream will include mini pcs, laptops, RC quadcopters, smartphones, earphones, speakers and smartwatches, nearly all of which are new arrivals offered by Banggood top value brands like Xiaomi. Blitzwolf, Eachine, and Chuwi. Not to mention, you may be lucky enough to win the latest smartphone: Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S . Moreover, by participating in the $999 Easter Basket Giveaway activity, you can get a $999 Easter Basket in which there are Original Box CHUWI MiniBook, Hubsan H117S RC Quadcopter, Original Xiaomi Air 2 Earphone, BMAX S15 Laptop, BlitzWolf BW WA2 Bluetooth Speaker and Wechip W2 Air Mouse. What’s more, during the live stream, there are many more big coupons, some of which go up to 32% off just for you.

Although the campaign will officially start on April 10th, preparations will commence on March 27th, which will be the warming-up stage for the event. To get the most out of your participation in the activity mentioned above, you need to take advantage of the warming up stage. Believe it or not, the efforts you put in this stage may win you a big prize come April 10th. So don’t miss this opportunity; join us now by clicking here. So, how can you take full advantage of the warming up stage to be increase your chances of winning? Well, am going to show you how:

You Can Choose Products to be Reviewed in The Live Stream!

From March 27th to April 4th, Banggood Easter Live Stream 2020’s warming up stage will commence, and it is the stage where you will be allowed to vote for the products to be reviewed during the live stream. During this time, you will be able to participate the activity by clicking through the event page of Banggood site, Banggood Facebook page or Banggood Messenger. A product voting list of 22 items will be made available to you, and you will be able to vote for the products you want to be reviewed in the Live Stream. The product list will contain Banggood new arrivals such as Hubsan Zino 2 RC Drone Quadcopter, CHUWI Hero Book Pro, Bmax B2 Plus Mini PC, TICWRIS MAX Camera GPS Watch Phone and so on. After voting, you can immediately get one corresponding product coupon or category coupon. Here is a tip for you; you can vote every day to make sure that the items you want to watch reviewed are available in the Live Stream, which will increase your chances of winning the review item of your choice. Only 1-2 top products from each category that the users vote for will be reviewed during the live stream and you may also possibly get an review item as a gift. Moreover, if you join the activity through the post about the live stream in the Banggood Facebook account page and tell us which product in the list you want to watch reviewed during the live stream and the reason why you select that product by commenting under the post, you might walk away with a major prize. Here, the top 1 user’s comments with the most thumbs-up can win the prize, which is the product the user vote for, and the first 20 and the last 20 users who comment under the post can get Banggood souvenir — Banggood logo T-shirt. For more details, please check here.

Banggood Easter Live Stream 2020

Enable Live Stream Notification, Hunting Double Prizes!

Here comes the good news that enable Live Stream notification through Banggood Messenger before the Live begins can help you win double prizes. From March 27th to April 9th, you can visit the Banggood website live stream event web-page or visit Banggood Messenger. After you enable notification, you can get a Banggood coupon (site-wide coupon: $20-$3) and if you want more coupons, there are five chances for you to invite others to get notified. Every time you invite a person to get notified, and they successfully do so, you can get one more coupon that’s offered by Banggood’s top value brands like Blitz wolf, Eachine and Frsky. Besides, those who have enabled notification will receive a reminder notification when the broadcast is about to start. And here I have to highlight that if you do so, you may get a double amount of the prize if you win a prize during the broadcast. And I have to remind you that the winners will be chosen among the audiences who are active in the broadcast. For more tips on how to win the prize, please check here.

Banggood Easter Live Stream 2020

Personalize and Send Easter Cards to Family and Win a Prize!

Banggood Easter Live Stream 2020 also focuses more on customer care by offering an interactive activity called ‘Personalize and Send Easter Card to Family and Win prize’ from April 4th to April 10th. It is a good chance for you to send best wishes to your friends and family on Easter Day. Not to mention, you can also get a coupon (up to 15% off), a Banggood souvenir or even a free product like VIOMI Aromatherapy Diffuser that is valued at $44 in the live stream as a prize by making your Easter greeting card. To participate in the activity, you can check Banggood Messenger main page and then you can personalize an exclusive Easter greeting card and share it with your families or friends through Messenger. What’s more, the content of the Easter greeting card may be selected to be shown during the live stream if the creator agrees, where he or she will get an additional prize during the live stream. Besides, those who receive greeting cards can also personalize new greeting cards. For more details about this, please click here.

Banggood Easter Live Stream 2020

To further Banggood’s customer-experience oriented idea, Banggood Easter Live Stream 2020 is coming with coupons and gifts like a wave, with its aim to keep close contact with its customers and make them get more benefits. As long as you join it, you will get rewarded. And it is worth mentioning again that the warming-up period of the event will begin on March, 27th. It will be the most important time for you to make full preparations for winning in the Live Stream. Do not miss it. Everyone can become the final winner of the Banggood Easter Live Stream. Just join us now by checking here.


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