Banggood Spring Sale 2020: All The Biggest Discounts Are Here

On March 27th, Banggood Spring Sale was launched by Banggood, which is one of the most important international e-commerce retailers in the world. Encompassing a series of discounts and coupons, it has surprised its customers in the warming-up stage of the Sale. Now, its countdown has begun and there are three days away from Banggood Spring Sale’s blowout stage in which a bunch of mouthwatering discounts and coupons will be available. So how can you miss it? Not to mention, there will be free products that will serve as gifts for you. Now it is the time when the COVID-10 epidemic is accelerating. Rather than staying at home with boredom, why not just join the big sale of Banggood to get a gift.

Banggood Spring Sale 2020

The blow stage of Banggood Spring Sale arrives on April 13th and ends on April 15th. Apart from category sales including consumer electronics, Tools & Electronics, RC Toys & Outdoor Sale and home&garden sales, Banggood Spring Sale also provide healthy protection gadgets and disinfection protection gear with big discounts and coupons to cater to preventing the COVID-19 virus. By the way, office equipment and entertainment gadgets will come at the unprecedented big discounts. So if you want to make the stay-at-home life happier or just want to get some necessary office equipment to work from home smoothly, do not miss it.

To make you deeply look into the discounting benefits of the Sale, let me show them in detail for you.

The first view into the main page of Banggood Spring Sale is an exciting experience, enlivened with a series of crazy coupons, big discounts, and flash deals. For example, crazy coupons will go up to $135 off. With the coupon, you can get an IMILAB EC2 Xiaobai Battery Version Smart IP Camera which offers your family with the best security. More than that, 50% off flash deals for Banggood Spring Sale will serve in the final 48 hours of the Sale. Here you can get a hot sale item like Zeblaze THOR PRO Smartwatch with only $74.99. Besides, more 50% off product deals will be available. For example, 1More E1026BT TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone, given a 50% off, is offered at only $65.64, which is about $66 cheaper than that in the normal time. For more information about the discounting deals mentioned above, please check here. And here I have to remind you that the coupons and product deals mentioned above are limited in quantity. So you should stay alert before the blowout sale begins.

Home&Garden Sales

Spring is the time when you can update your home decoration. Now browsing the Banggood Spring Sale page to get the stuff that is used to update your home decoration style is a wonderful experience as you will save a lot with the discounts given in the Home& Garden Sale. During the blowout Stage, all the products in the Home& Garden Sale will come with 30% off. What’s more, here you will see a one cent snatch offered with a free shipping service. For instance, you can get a Xiaomi Smart Sensor Liquid Soap Dispenser with which you can conveniently wash your hands during the epidemic. Not to mention it will cost you only one cent to get it and it will be shipped to you without any shipping fee. More than that, more new products from Xiaomi, Blitz wolf and Digoo will be offered at a big discounted price. For example, Xiaomi Xiaoda 220V 3000W Electric Hot Water Heater Faucet coming in Innovative hydropower separation technology to completely isolate and insulate current and water flow, which can prevent the occurrence of water flow and electricity. Given 92% off, it will be available for you only at $23.99. More than that, more big coupons for home appliances will be offered. The biggest discounts will go up to 40% off. Xiaomi Mijia 2 in 1 Robot Vacuum Mop Vacuum Cleaner that comes with 2100 pa powerful suction that can efficiently absorb dust particles, promising a tidy house for you. In the Sale, it is offered to you only at only$325.99 while in the normal time, it is priced at $411.94. So if you want to get a smart vacuum to keep your home clean during the epidemic, it will be a good choice for you. For more discounts about home& garden sales, please check here.

Banggood Spring Sale 2020

Mi Fan Festival

During the epidemic, have you ever got crazy when your phone goes smoothly? Or are you planning to get Bluetooth earbuds to enjoy listening to music? If you do, I think the Mi Fan Festival is what you should not miss. This is because smartphones and smartphone accessories will be available for you at a big discounted price. For example, you can get a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Global Version 6.3 that comes with an Octa-Core processor, promising you the best user experience. During the Sale, it is sold at only xx. If you are seeking a smartphone like that, do not miss it. Besides, here comes the offer named $9.9 Xiaomi Secret Box in which you may get Xiaomi Youth Version Mini Light Wireless Bluetooth Earphone. Not to mention, there will be more big discounted benefits offered by Xiaomi. So do not miss it. For more information about mi fan festival, please check here.

Banggood Spring Sale 2020


Are you crazy about 3D printing? If you are, I think you should focus on Tools&Electronics Sales in which you may get a 3D printing kit at an unprecedented discounted price. And featured deals like $9.99 deals,$19.99 deals, and $39.99 deals will also come here and there may be something that is offered at a price that is lower than $9.99. Here MINI TS100 Digital OLED Programable Interface DC5525 Soldering Iron Station that makes soldering more conveniently is offered at only $39.99 during the blowout sale. Not to mention, you will be able to get a Long-Distance Remote Metal Extruder Kit at only $5.99. For more about cheap item deals, please do not miss it by checking here.

Banggood Spring Sale 2020

Health Protection Spree and Health Care & Protection

To cater to the protection from CONVID-19, two pages named Health Protection Spree and Health Care & Protection will be here to offer the essentials you need to defend against the CONVID-19 virus. The discount will go up to 70% off. With our best wish to defeat the illness, we offer some protective gadgets like KN95 face masks, Forehead Thermometer, and disposable protective gloves. And some healthy gear is available for you to keep fit during the epidemic. If anything in need, you should not miss them as medical protection materials are scarce during the lockdown. And due to limited supply to serve more customers, limited purchased is advocated. Besides, to provide you with convenience to work from home or staying home for fun, lots of big coupons for office equipment and entertainment devices will be available for you to get them at a discounted price. For example, CHUWI Hi10 X comes in Windows 10 that can go smoothly, promising you the best user experience when you are working at home. With the given a big coupon, it is available for you only at $249.99, which is cheaper than ever time before. For more discounts to get protective gadgets, cleaning tools, and office equipment as well as entertainment devices, please check here.

Banggood Spring Sale 2020

Banggood Spring Sale is offering you with mouthwatering discounts for you. There is only three days away from the blowout stage in which all the big discounts will be released. And it will be a great time for you to satisfy all of your shopping fantasies. As the Spring Sale going in full swing, Banggood VIP Day comes to serve you the ever-biggest discounting benefits. So if you have been the VIP of Banggood, you may also get more discounting benefits. Rather than staying at home with boredom, why not just join us to get more benefits by checking here. And again it is on April 13th that the blowout stage will begin. Please do not miss it. Now just join us to enjoy more shopping fun and stay away from COVID-19 virus at home,


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