Banggood Summer Prime Sale: Crazy Discounts Never End

Banggood summer prime sale which is launched recently by Banggood,the fourth giant of Chinese International E-commerce providers, has been running in full swing. There are only 3 days left before the most important stage of the Banggood summer prime sale arrives. Once the clock turns to 16:00 of July 9th, all the discounts, coupons and free gifts will come in top form. It will last for 72 hours when you can shop what you want almost in the bottom price. How can you miss this golden 72 hours?

Banggood Summer Prime Sale

If something stops you from the blowout sale, here comes the good news that refreshes you. Once the blowout sale ends, the encore sale of the Banggood summer prime will commence. This comes with a series of big discounts and little promotion activities. The packages and activities are as follows:

$0.01 Snap up

The $0.01 Snap up activity is what I have to highlight for you. The products in the activity are hot sellers from famous brands like Xiaomi and UMIDIGI. Among them, UMIDIGI S3 must be the first one that you do not want to miss. More than that, hot products like Xiaomi Amazfit smart watch will also be available. To know more, please pay more attention to the Sale.

During the encore sale, 4-round $0.01 Snap up activity will be offered every day. There are only 4 different kinds of products in a round. Once the products are snatched out, the activity will come to an end.

If you are not able to snap up any of them, do not be upset. It is said that after the end of snatch up activity, the products will be given an unprecedented big discount. For example, the UMIDIGI S3 will available at $99.99. It must be the best deal for you to snatch.

The top 10 best sellers and the top 10 hottest new arrivals

In the encore sale, both the top 10 best sellers and the top best new arrivals in the summer prime sale will be shown to you. And they will be given a big discount. But once the sale ends, the price of all of them will turn to the normal price. So if you want to purchase any of them, do not miss this massive opportunity.

Continue the Sale with Endless discounts in Hottest Brands

Hot brands including Xiaomi, Blitz Wolf and Digoo will continually be here to provide you the best deal for you. Different high discounts will be available on products from these famous brands. Something that has to be highlighted is that the biggest discount will be 60% off.

Category Deals

Crazy discounts never stops. There are a variety of great discounts in each of category deals. The greatest discounts will be 80% off. Isn’t that amazing!

For more information about these discounts, please check here.

Banggood summer prime sale is the most important promotion of Banggood in 2019. If you miss the deal, you may have to wait another year before the next one. So grasp this huge opportunity and join the sale by visiting the Banggood site now.  


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