Banggood Summer Prime Sale Shopping Guide

Banggood Summer Prime Sale, held by Banggood that is one of the most favorite online shopping sites, has begun in June 25th with the first part of the promotion named Preview Time. During this term, some of the discounts will be released to us as what I mention in my last blog post.

Today, we are going to lead you to have a deeper look into the promotion by talking about the Banggood Summer Prime Sale’s second stage with the caption “warm-up time” (July 2nd 10:00 – July 9th 16:00). Here you can be able to know a complete shopping guide to benefit more from the Sale.

Banggood Summer Prime Sale

Firstly, there are many giveaway games available in the promotion. By participating in the games, you can win free gifts or coupons which you can use in the Sale.

Key giveaway games that you cannot miss

Place an order and get a free gift

Rule: From July 2nd to July 12th, users can join the campaign and complete the purchase through the shopping guide page of the Sale. Once the purchase amount meets the condition of Gifting, you can win the corresponding gift. The larger the order amount is, the bigger the value of the gift you can win, the more chances to win there are.

Subscribe and share the page to join the Prize Draw

Subscription rules: From June 25th to July 12th, the user enters the shopping guide   page and clicks the “Alert Me” to subscribe to the activity of the event. Those who subscribe to 5 activities or more than 5 activities can join the Draw. After the event, several users will be chosen to win a gift or free order.

Sharing rules: During the Banggood Summer Sale (From June 25th to July, 12th), the users who share the shopping guide page to their social media can join the Prize Draw. Several lucky users will be chosen every day to win the corresponding prize.

Banggood Summer Prime Sale

20pcs $300-$150 site-wide coupons and 504pcs Lucky Prize Draw.

During the warm-up time, 20pcs $300-$150 site-wide coupons will be available in a limited time. During the blowout Sale, the users who place the order on Banggood site can join the 504pcs Lucky Prize Draw. Several users will be chosen every hour to win a gift or free order.

$100+Gift and Smartphone for free

From July 2nd to July 9th, those who purchase consumer electronics during the time will have the chance to win the big prize (valued $100+). Fourteen orders (two orders per day) will be randomly selected to win the prize.

The larger the order amount is, the more chances to win the price.

From July 10th to July 12th, six orders (two orders per day) will be randomly selected to win free phones. The larger the order amount is, the more chances to win the prize.

Coupons Rain

From 10:00 of July 2nd to 16:00 of July 12th, the users can enter the Coupon Rain Zone. Before the game starts, there will be a prompt interface, and the game will start automatically after 5 seconds. The users can click on the red envelopes within 20 seconds. The red envelopes will be displayed on the ending page of the game. The coupons you grabbed during the game can be checked by clicking the My Coupon in the right column of the page.

Banggood Summer Prime Sale

250 Free gifts for Home and Garden promotion

From July 10th to July 12th, 250 free gifts will be available. The users who place an order on the home and garden promotion page during the lead-in time will be randomly selected to win the gifts.  The larger the order amount is, the more chances to win there are.

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Banggood Summer Prime Sale

Secondly, there are many products available at an unprecedentedly great discount. For example, you cannot miss some hot sell products such as Xiaomi Mi 9, Xiaomi Electric Scooter, Chuwei Hipad and so on. For more discounted products, please check here.Banggood Summer Prime Sale

Finally, a rough understanding of the discount information about different product categories helps you be the winner of the promotion.  Of course, you will focus on the one you want. For a glance at the discount information about different product categories, please check here:

The key discounts about different categories:

Banggood Summer Prime Sale

The discount information mentioned above is the tip of the iceberg. For more discounted deals and featured sales in the prime summer sale, please go to the Banggood site. Next time, I will reveal the most important discount information about the Banggood Summer Prime Sale for you. So do not miss my next post.


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