Black & White, Absolute Chic in 2015 Summer

Speaking of maxi dresses in summer, people could remind of variety of floral printed at the first naturally. However, wearing floral printed dresses is not so all-purpose in every year’s summer. The awkward impression that floral printed maxi dress shows really leaves a terrible image on you and I believe that you will never want to have that once more, but dresses in solid color would be looked very bald. If it is you, how would you solve this problem? I have a good idea about that. Why not try on the most fashionable and the most classical black and white dresses? Fortunately, it happened that simple neat style is the one of the most important leading trends in fashion field.

stripe maxi dress stripe maxi dress

As for choosing items to match with black and white dresses, it shows you that it is very easy. A mini cross body bags in bright color or a pair of sandals in bright color or a pair of classical black and white shoes will be very eye-catching and decent.

stripe maxi dress

stripe maxi dressstripe maxi dressstripe maxi dress

stripe maxi dress

stripe maxi dress stripe maxi dress stripe maxi dress

This stripe strap maxi dress is certain to be one of the hottest dresses in this summer. Black and white stripe patchwork and loose and smooth type show you the slim and fit impression. Wearing this backless stripe dress can make you look even sexy, elegant and charming. It is undoubtedly your best choice when you go out at ordinary times or go to beach for vacation. In this summer that has already come, it really makes you feel cooler by just watching.

stripe maxi dressstripe maxi dressstripe maxi dress

By comparison, this wave black white maxi dress shows you different impression. It is seems that it is a clothing patchwork of tank tops and straight dresses. The same black and white collocation can also make you look even adorable and amazing even though you don’t wear something highlighted.

wave maxi dress wave maxi dress  wave maxi dresswave maxi dress wave maxi dress wave maxi dress wave maxi dress

Simple black and white collocation really deserves recommendation in this summer. Just have a try on them!

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