Bohemian Style, Symbolization of Exotic Impression

Some of you may be not familiar with the word of bohemian. Some people are not clear whether it is the name of a place, or a definition of a kind of clothing style. Both of these answers are correct. However, they are much known by a stylish fashion clothing pattern. In this season, bohemian is talked about by fashion people all the time. Bohemian is a word that lingering on my ears every day. Every major brand told us the main design in this season is bohemian style, fashion editors are trying their best to make a series of bohemian film, some women and girls dress themselves up and attend some chic parties and shows. They would ask you before you begin to talk, ‘Do you think I look very bohemian today?’ Our life is full of strong bohemian sense indeed and it seems everyone has been out of control under the magic bohemian power.

bohemian long dress

Bohemian style dress represents unprecedented feeling of romance, folk and liberalization, which combine different cultures of various nations, for example, India embroidery sequins, Spain cascading wave skirts, Morocco strapless apron leather tassels and beads of North Africa all into a renew one. On the whole, bohemian style is not a simple, fringed and graffiti concept, instead, they are more similar to the abstract paintings of Picasso and religious paintings in the old medieval time. Refreshing and exotic sense is in line with the fashion trend of mixing various elements into one in modern times.

bohemian long dress
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