Can We Rock The Glitter Element Like Daria Radionova?

Daria Radionova is a Moldavian model who has taken the internet by storm with her deluxe lifestyle and over-the-top Instagram photos. While her ultra-lavish appeal draws up many questions about her, no one has been able to dig up many answers. It is clear she was born into a super-wealthy family and lived in a penthouse in Knightsbridge, England while she attenglitter for nailsded boarding school. Beyond that, however, answers are not clear.


What is clear is that she became famous for covering her Mercedes in Swarovski crystals. More recently she gained notoriety for decorating her Lamborghini the same way. She then auctioned off her Mercedes to benefit a London dog shelter that had been burned to the ground. Style plus generosity is always something people take note of. In addition to her lavish taste and style, she owns a clothing company known as DRJACKETS.

glitter for nails

The school of hard rocks

For those interested in portraying this lavish style, a few questions must be raised. Is this something that everyone can afford to do?

The answer is yes. While most of us can’t afford a Lamborghini, we can still effectually add a level of glitz and glamour to the creature comforts that we do own. In perspective, Radionova covered a quarter-million-dollar car for less than ten percent of its value. This formula is a workable model for any budget, and for any accessory. There are a few different ways to accomplish this look and depending on what we choose to accessorize with, there is a multitude of stylish options.

glitter for nails

It’s tricky to rock a rhine (stone) So how can we rock this glitzy rhinestone studded style?

The best answer is glitter for nails. Imagine a perfect manicure accented with glamorous stones. The right color combination and jewel choice are sure to have anyone’s hand catching every ray of light. Don’t be afraid to shine.

glitter for nails

Additionally, there are other alternatives to capture this super-rich style. There are a number of bejeweled accessories that come pre-studded with gems. The first items that come to mind are phone cases and handbags. Whether these are purchased from a simple mall kiosk or ordered from a manufacturer, these accessories are sure to catch the attention and envy of all who see it.

glitter for nails

Many major clothing lines (YSL, Balenciaga, Forever 21) also make this look available in all levels of apparel and price range. Some are studded with metal spikes and jewels alike, while others only seek to capture the glamour that only jewels can bring. No matter what your price range is, we can all afford to shine bright like a diamond.


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