Chic Comments丨Whether Floral Pattern is Fashion or Not?

Floral pattern is not only a fashion that never passes in recent years. Even looking through old photos of your mother 20 years ago, you will be surprised to find that these floral patterns have ever been sought after by various people in different times. Flowers with different colors and sizes that put in different positions will give you unique and fantastic impression. In addition, different lengths of clothes will surely give you different visual experience. Vulgar or elegant? Vintage or old fashioned? The importance lies in some specific details. American street style photos have brought something new to us in this new season. Let’s have a throughout look!

floral shirtI really appreciate the gray color of this floral dress. Although it is gray, it is the bright gray which will not make you to be looked dim and dispirited. White hollow collar make my heart feel excited and this dress become vintage and delicate at once!

floral shirtAlthough this shirt doesn’t apply all floral pattern, main color of red, white and blue have reconciled beautiful scenery. It looks like wearing for office ladies. From my point of view, I think that special temperament is of great significance. Wrinkles have strengthened vigorous feeling and sense of gradation.

floral shirtAs for myself, I love this matching very much. Cool stuff tee and soft romantic short dress can be matched perfectly no matter for the colors or the patterns. Addition flat shoes and black silk socks will make you look more attractive.

floral shirtPlaysuit with vintage style is the one of the hottest item in this year. Specific people would be suitable to wear them. Golden and brown accessories are the basic single items for vintage style which deserve you to buy.

floral shirtFloral pattern can be also matched with long coats with navy style. I think this floral shirt will be common for wearing only.

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