Come Get These Slim and Edgy Knitted Dress Looks

Exquisite knitted clothing kind of matches the bleak autumn with its soft texture and warm color. But usually because of the material and tonal collocation of knitting dresses, many of us don’t know how to wear them beautifully. How to look slim in a women knitted dress? See how these fashion icons pull off various stylish looks with knitted dresses.

women knitted dress
Miranda Kerr is wearing a tailored fitting knit dress, a double-breasted wool coat and knee-length boots and carrying a Givenchy handbag. This knitted dress flatters her figure and highlights the curve. The chic boots add sexy to the outfit. Miranda looks pretty charming in the ensemble.

women knitted dressIf you want to look fashionable feeling and keep warm at the same time, chromatic striped pencil skirts are definitely a good choice. They can show graceful curves, but also highlight the unique temperament.

women knitted dressPicking right autumn women dresses can be skillful. However, the key lies in how to wear instead of whether it is good-looking or not. So, how to wear a dress and show its unique temperament? First of all, if you have a good figure, a tailored knitted dress is the best choice. It can not only flatter the good figure, but also easy to match other pieces.

women knitted dressNot everyone is suitable for showing their waist. But that doesn’t mean you need to work out to have packs only if you know how to show your curve and femininity.

women knitted dressIf you are kind of short but has a good figure, showing your pretty waist is the most clever collocation skill. You can not only draw attention to the graceful waist line, but also balance the proportion and look taller.

women knitted dress
Still worry about your chubby figure and don’t know what to wear for every morning before going out? Pair your coats with knitted dresses and you’ll be surprised how amazingly they go with each other.

women knitted dresswomen knitted dressYou don’t have to wear the exact size of yours. Try to break your dressing habits and pick a bigger size knitted dress to wear. Perhaps you will have unexpectedly good effect.

women knitted dress women knitted dress


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