Cool Experience Throughout the Whole Summer丨Tops & Shorts

In the hot summer time, it is certain that people should wear the coolest and freshest clothes. This is particularly wonderful for women. It is time for you to show your personalities according to these colorful and cool wearing. Tank tops and womens shorts will be your best choice in summer time. However, how to show a beautiful and slim appearance by wearing tops and shorts? The wearing skills of summer wearing in 2014 will be introduced to you in the followings. Come and see what is the most fashionable and coolest wearing in this summer time together! I believe that they will surely make you look cool and energetic!

Look 1: Word printed tank tops show you a simple and decent appearance, and the striped shorts show you a fresh and elegant feeling. To make tops foist into shorts will make your waist line become more obvious and show you a tall and slim impression. In addition to that, a pair of short boots will show you cool feeling and a black handbag will be fashion and practical.

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Look 2: Camouflage will show your neutral charm totally and it will strengthen this visual feeling by matching with blue jeans. A pair of simple and free style white canvas shoes will show you a little lovely feeling. In the same time of giving you enough wearing comfort, they will give you fashionable appearance.

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trendy womens tops  trendy womens topstrendy womens tops Look 3: Loose striped tank tops, matched with blue jeans, will certainly show you cute and energetic temperament. It will show your mermaid lines, which will be sexy and not so exposed. On the contrary, tank tops with loose bottom part will cover flabby tums and show you a lovely feeling. White short will show you slim and straight beautiful legs. Matching with canvas shoes can also show you a casual and fashion impression.

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Look 4: Gray tank tops, matched with white shorts, will show you a positive and youthful impression. How can you lack a sun protected cloth in hot summer? If you feel hot to wear, why not tie it up on the waist for a decoration? This is particularly fashion of modern women wearing.

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