[Creative Fashion Illustration] To Get Fruits On!

When we are still little girls, we are told that we should put our whole heart on anything that we are doing. However, as you know, kids don’t have good self-restraint as adults. That they are eating and playing in the same time really makes their parents worried and annoyed.

Creative Fashion Illustration Creative Fashion Illustration

Just in recent days, I have found something that really seems to be creative and original. She is Gretchen Röehrs, who comes from New York. This fashion illustrator just uses fruits, vegetables, conchs to finish her masterpieces and post them on Instagram.

Creative Fashion Illustration Creative Fashion Illustration

As for the inspiration of this set of pictures, she said that it came from city that she lived. She combined the fashion spirits and glams into these pictures. The most featured design of this set of picture lies in that she made different kinds of cute fruits as the most unique fashion attires. Coordinating with vivid lines, this series of masterpieces is really distinctive, cute and lively, showing you full ideas of creativities.

Creative Fashion Illustration Creative Fashion Illustration

Banana jumpsuits, cherry formal dresses and other creative fruit wearing, do you want to have a try now? All these girls wearing fruits in pictures show you the particularly fashionable and charming looks. Then, I wonder which one is your favorite?

Creative Fashion Illustration Creative Fashion Illustration

At the first sight, it is really stunning so that I just want to give applauses and praises. However, to think about it from another point of views, ordinary food that we eat everyday can surprisingly be beautiful like that. It makes you be suddenly enlightened that life is so wonderful and beautiful all the time. Fortunately, you are always the main character in it. This kind of experience and feeling is really hard-won and ineffable that can’t be described by words. Don’t you think so?

Creative Fashion Illustration Creative Fashion Illustration

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