Decoding The 1950s Fashion Style

The 1950s are referred to as the return of fashion. Economic reality began to dawn on people on the resurgence of social changes. A new look of style was born out of the end of the second world war. As the world’s citizens embarked on a journey to rebuild their nations, textiles and clothing were being manufactured in mass. Designers paid attention to cloth quality resulting in the ready-to-wear phenomenon. The fashion industry began to also focus on the younger generation, especially teenagers and the birth of the new look revolution was realized. The named return of fashion is coined to refer to the period just after the second world war, when the fashion industry began to regain shape.

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It is impossible to talk about fashion in the 1950s without bringing the component of accessories. The decade was characterized by three core accessories; the hat, gloves and a handbag for women. Wide belts for small waists were also a fashion epitome in the 50s. It is important to note that the color of each accessory dignified a woman’s status to the success of the husband. Mainly because husbands, were by then breadwinners while women remained at home as housewives. It was typical for a woman to spend more on fashion rather than savings.

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The most popular fabrics were satin, velvet, tulle, and silk. These were often used for evening wear or party gear. The new synthetic fiber along with cotton wool was favorable for daywear while rayon and polyesters represented the entire manufacture of all clothing, from children wear to adult wear. There was the stocking which was made of nylon. Most people refereed nylon as the miracle fabric because it dried faster after wash.

Elements In 2018 Borrowed From The 1950s

There is a significant recollection of this entire period in the 2018 fashion show. It seems that people are falling in love with trends of the 1950s new look revolutionized by Christian Dior. Prominent designers in the scene, namely Balenciaga, Alexander Mcqueen and Calvin Klein are necessarily the top designers to borrow from the 1950s. Lippy red is back, hand embroidery of the fit and flare is also taking shape, and the backcombed Swiss Rebel inspired quiffs.

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Cropping up are also cropped shirts, bandana wrapped updos, the petticoat and full skirts, the sweater girl look and the pencil skirts.

Iconic pieces Of the 1950s style we can adopt in 2018

Classic Silhouettes

2018 collection depicts a return to the 50s silhouette dresses. The core focus of the plus size vintage dresses was the waistline just above the belly button, that would accentuate the curve and shape of the hips. A broad sense of the 50s characterized the 2018 fashion; Alexander Mcqueen brought to the runaway printed, knee-length dresses with a halterneck. Square necklines as well as dress neck buttons.

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Calvin Klein’s fancy skirts mark the return of the poodle skirts. The mid-length fanciful pleats are designed to swing or flare around the knees.

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Cardigans with open arms and Knitted staples are also a recollection of the era.2018 cardigans are being designed in similar shape with the 50s blueprint, bright, cropped and worn around the shoulders.

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Closing Remarks

There is growing interest to infuse today’s tech-savvy wardrobes with a feel of the 1950s new look. Hairstyles should also go hand in hand with the shape of the new look. Hats are the only part being left out, but there is a profound similarity between the fedora hat and the 50s beaver hat. The likelihood of incorporate the modern taste of fashion with the 50s is a fascinating scene to watch out for in the fashion industry.



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