How to Dress Boho in Winter?

Even the most beautiful Bohemian goddess looks like Ralphie in A Christmas Story when hap-haphazardly bundled up for the winter months. Winter wear is typically very utilitarian which does not work well with the bohemian flowy, eclectic look. There are tricks to dressing in the Boho style in the winter, read on to learn more.

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Before we get to the clothing section I would like to take a moment to talk about hair and what it can provide to the bohemian look. A boho fairy is nothing without her hair unless she is going for a shaved look. Putting in the effort and learning how to style your hair into a bohemian style will greatly improve the boho impression people get when they see you both in the winter and the other times of the year as well.

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The first in a list of small suggestions for boho style in winter is sweaters and cardigans with ankle leather boots. They are winter boho matches made in heaven. Chunky knit sweaters, as well as funky colors, can lend to a very stylish outfit. Consider layering a boho summer tank top with a cardigan to make it more cold-weather appropriate.

Ankle Leather Boots

Be bold and wear your boots, and socks, knee high. Or take the more subtle approach by wearing bohemian Leather Boots. Ankle leather boots with a pair of leggings or jeans can be very chic. Steer clear of furry boots, as well as moccasin type boots and snow boots.

Bohemian Leather Boots

Lastly, and honestly most importantly, accessorizing can really add the finishing touches to your winter boho look. Rings of all kinds look great all year round, both chunky and delicate. Bangles are a bohemian classic, as are multiple long necklaces. You might consider looking at adding some hats to your winter wardrobe, along with a scarf or two. Contrary to popular opinion I find that maxi skirts are perfect for winter because they keep you nice and warm while still looking fabulous. If you are buying jeans, think about going for a pair with a high waist or flare to add visual interest.

Bohemian Leather Boots

Armed with these tips you can go out into the world a more fashionable and chic person. Don’t think that you’ll have to break the bank to be a hot Boho Snowqueen, it’s incredibly easy to find cheap women outerwear online and in local stores. Above all else bohemian fashion is inclusive, it’s about wearing what makes you happy, so do that. Dress to please yourself and other people will grow to love it too.



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