Dressing Up in Menswear is POPULAR NOW!

Men’s Fashion Week in this season has gained widely attentions from the public. People would linger their sight on menswear for a longer time unwittingly. Furthermore, neutral style is regarded as the popularity all the time. Urban chic street style dressing-ups or a set of clean and neat formal suits for handsome men can either attract people’s attentions. It really makes you want to have a try. In famous fashion city, New York and Paris, women have shown you good examples. They have worn out different kinds of chic temperament of menswear instead.

The first essential to show this neutral style that you can think of is men’s formal suits. Speaking of that, I have to mention a woman who wears formal suits so cool and handsome. She is Esther Quek who is the fashion editor working for Men’s Magazine, The Rake. She can wear variety of colorized clothes and popular items perfectly and her dressing-ups and collocations are really eye-catching that can make you stunning. Women’s toughness can be revealed in the mature atmosphere.

Esther Quek Esther Quek Esther Quek Esther Quek Esther Quek Esther Quek Esther Quek Esther Quek Esther Quek

As a matter of fact, women’s formal suits are still designed based on women’s exclusively characters. If you want to show the cool and chic looks, oversized menswear including oversized tops, wide-leg pants, suits with plus type and so on. It will make you look like a fashion but free guy. Of course, you can choose clothes that are somewhat fit. It maybe shows you the cool appearance like British gentlemen. However, you can’t just wear a whole set of menswear thoroughly. It can’t be that chic and decent. Therefore, you should make advantages of accessories to soften figures and curves of your overall impression. Putting on high heeled shoes or carrying a handbag in bright color can surely make you look even more eyeable and amazing.

neutral style neutral style neutral style neutral style neutral style


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