How to Eat Out a Healthy and Slim Body?

women bikiniAs a saying goes, women’s health and beauty are attributed to eating balanced diets. It is true indeed. Regular and balance diets not only can give you a healthy and strong body, but also can keep you in slim situation all the time. In the coming of summer, you must want to fasten the speed of losing weight in order to wear in women bikini. Don’t worry and don’t be too urgent about that. Only if you insist on complying with these certain principles, you can not only always in a healthy and slim status, but also can largely improve levels and qualities of life. Here, I’m willing to give you some tips about keeping fit.

women bikiniTo drink plenty of water, about 8 cups including waters and soups per day in order to promote metabolism and improve your health and drink less beverages with added sugar or coloring material.

To eat more food contains proteins and regular the quantity of food every day, 50 gram of pork, 50 gram of fish, 200 gram about bean curd or bean product, an egg or a cup of milk. Reducing the absorbing of animal fat and cholesterol is recognized publicly a healthy living mode.

Don’t eat much meat and you should eat more and various vegetables about 400 gram, such as onions, tomatoes, celery, radishes, tender lettuce, endive leaves and so on. In the same time, don’t reduce the intake of vitamin in order to keep a balance.

To keep on eating at least a kind of fresh fruit every day and reduce the intake of condiment, such as salt and sugar, and oil.

The last but not at the least, you should keep doing exercises regularly. To do a keeping-fit plan will be better for you. For the sake of wearing these fashion and colorful bikinis and show sexy and alluring temperament, fight and struggle for them from now!

women bikini


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