Essential Vintage Clothing Hacks for Women

Vintage is something that everybody wants to embrace, whether it is the automobiles or clothing, it gives us an opportunity to display the heritage of the old era that comes with a backstory. In the recent times, the fashion world has traveled back to the time from where it all started. This is due to a sudden likeliness that women have developed for the vintage dresses. And not only that, in the age, where everyone is struggling with sustainability, and with the impact of the disposable fashion is having on the environment, vintage dresses are turning out to be a great choice. If you love the idea of wearing vintage clothes but are afraid of it looking more of a costume for a Halloween Party, here are some essential vintage clothing tips for women they can use.

plus size vintage dresses1. Choose the dress depending on your body shape:

If you want to flaunt a killer vintage look, try to go by the books instead of wearing any vintage dress. Different women possess different body shapes and the vintage style of clothing will look different on different body shapes. If you are thin and lean, then the plus size vintage dresses from the era 1920s and 1930s will do the trick for you. If you are curvy, more of an hourglass figure, then you must go with the 50s and 60s look. On the other hand, those who are little float can prefer the 70s style of dresses and looks.

plus size vintage dresses2. Try to match the vintage look with a modern touch:

If you don’t want to be a part of a fashion blunder then it is recommended that you mix up a little. You can pick up garments that look similar to the current trends. This is only recommended if you are not comfortable with going on a full vintage spree. There are numerous modern-day trends and styles that are retrieved from the vintage dresses.

plus size vintage dresses3. Shopping vintage:

This one must be the most difficult task for most of the women. It is difficult to get a hand on a genuine vintage clothes and accessories. You can start by looking through the online stores for vintage dresses and those who deal with vintage essentials. On the other hand, you could ask your grandmother or mother if they have any vintage piece hanging in their wardrobe. Also, there are numerous auction sites where they auction vintage clothes.

plus size vintage dresses4. Rework the clothing if necessary:

There is no need to perform any alteration to the clothing, but if you tend to love the fabric but are not okay with the design, you can take it to a tailor for a certain makeover. For instance, there is a polyester maxi from the 70s era you liked but the fact that it covers your whole leg doesn’t attract you much, you can take it to a tailor and get it chopped to your desired length.

plus size vintage dressesFrom Hollywood celebrities to the fashion models and commoners, wearing vintage has become a trend these days. Wearing vintage requires a certain amount of confidence and knowledge of clothes. You can easily carry something from the old days if you know how to.



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