Fantastic Costume for Halloween Party

Halloween is an ancient Celtic New Year festival. It is the time to sacrifice souls, avoid evil spirits, also worship the ancestral spirits and pray for have a warm and safe winter. On the eve of Halloween, children wear fantastic clothes, masks, and collect candy from house to house. Many public places and even home courtyard, will be decorated with a lot of decorations, such as all kinds of ghosts, pumpkin lights, as well as black witches and witches broom and the like; children will wear a different Halloween costumes, Pumpkin lights to mention the basket to go door to door to discuss sugar, saying “trick or treat”.

Halloween costumes

Halloween spread to today has no religious superstition, it became a children’s program, but also a young fancy dress party program. People dress up is not just a ghost, anyone can play at random, in many areas every year organized a large-scale make-up parade, a woman wearing a devil vampire dress, dressed as a witch, very interesting and sexy. There are people wearing a black feather angel costume made into a sexy black angel. The party is lively, with a variety of Halloween costumes, sweets, decorations and Halloween parties. Public places and festive arrangements around the home are voluntary. Grimace pumpkin lights, white net black spider, are the festive decorations, has no appalling ghost color. Some female students still wear Halloween sailor navy costume at this time, will buy a pair of pumpkin or ghost skull earrings to wear.

Halloween costumes

Halloween costumes

Halloween night’s main activity is a child dressed up in terrorist look, door-to-door neighbor by the doorbell, shouting: “Trick or Treat!”. The host will send out some candy, chocolate or a small gifts. Some families even use sound effects to create a terrorist atmosphere. Most families are very happy to treat these innocent children, so the children get a whole bag of candy and go back home. Halloween has become a grand festival in the west.

Halloween costumes

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