[Fashion Forecast] 70s’ Vintage Style in 2015 Fall & Winter!

70s' Vintage Style

From spring and summer in this year, the whole fashion field is filled with strong vintage atmosphere. That is 70s’ style that only belongs to these old days. When it comes to July and August, spring and summer clothes start varied discount for you. What are followed are the latest fashion clothes for autumn and winter wearing. It is said that some avant-garde fashion online shops are preparing for that from now, such as England super shopping website, ASOS, which is the favorite shopping paradises for online shopping customers. More than that, it is said that new arrivals will go online overall in the coming August.

70s' Vintage Style 70s' Vintage Style

We have seen so many vintage styles in this spring and summer. When we walk in the street, it is filled with different kinds of high waist pants and shorts, vintage pleated skirts, flares, overalls and so on. But that is surely not enough! Then, you can never forget another important point! It has forecasted that 70s’ vintage style that is particularly popular in this spring and summer will continue its hot prevalence until this fall and winter.

70s' Vintage Style 70s' Vintage Style

Wide-leg jumpsuits, polo shirts are still popular. Colorized chamois items will be the focus in this autumn and summer, for example, patchwork coats in camel, dresses in coffee or wine red, luxurious furry clothes and paillette fashion are all the main popular elements in this time.

70s' Vintage Style 70s' Vintage Style

In one time, you will find that the whole world will be full of this unique fashion aura according to different online shops. Once you know the popularity and direction of women fashion, what you need to do is to make ready to have a nice shopping!


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