Fashion News Repost丨Nasty Gal Releases Denim Series Fashion

In recent times, Nasty Gal has released the denim series fashion, which is also their first denim series. The characteristic model that took fashion shoots for that is Anais Pouliot. She wore colorful clothing of The Flip Skirt, The Ex-Boyfriend Jean, The Milf and The Kink. Under the camera lens of Japanese photographer, Motoyakui Daifu, she has shown us different types of denim pants series in variety colors.

Nasty Gal Nasty GalNasty Gal  Nasty Gal
Comments: I have found that the development of denim jeans has beyond my expectations and make me feel surprised and ecstatic so that fall in love with them again. Denim jeans in modern times, compared with those in the past time, show you more unique temperament and youthful, vivid impression.

Nasty Gal Nasty Gal Nasty Gal Nasty Gal
As for the most popular denim pants wearing in this year, there is no doubt that denim jeans with various cartoon or logo prints occupy the top of rank absolutely and exactly. The most impressive and charming series is Disney series cartoon characters printed series as far as I’m concerned. Maybe it attributes to that it is the 90th anniversary of this year. Therefore, it has aroused this funny, interesting and popular fashion among people again. In the same time, it can’t be denied that it also reminds your wonderful childhood. Am I right?

Nasty GalNasty GalNasty Gal

In addition to that, holed denim jeans, jeans with tasseled edges, even denim dresses and so on can also show you the same fashionable impression. With more delicate tailoring and better type designs as well as uniquely chic decorations, I believe that they can certainly become your new favorite, showing you the youthful, vivid and passionate impression.

Nasty Gal Nasty Gal



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