Fashion Polka Dots丨Vintage Style Comeback

Striped patterns and polka dots is always a pair of friendly companion, however, they are competitor in the fashion trend. In the boom time that striped pattern is popular among young people, how would polka dots patterns just wait to be defeated? A splendid competition between them is carrying out hotly now!

Lace Polka Dot Blouse Polka Dots Suspender Skirt

Do you still remember what GRAZIA have said ever before? Selecting elaborated about your lace polka dot blouse because it is one of the main popular trends for more times. Whether you agree or not, they are there all the time. The prediction is perfectly right. All of these feeling that polka dots have brought to us are so familiar. Various stylish polka dots mix matching that nearly to be crazy in the fashion show and street snap have become one of the most favorite wearing for women.

Famous polka dots artist, Yayoi Kusama who is called the weird women have spread its powerful popularity in fashion trend, from watches, sunglasses and bags, combined with brand showcase and art exhibition, they can be regarded as a strong and powerful polka dots army in fashion. Some fashion commenters say that it is common for you to have dazzling feeling, and it is an inevitable result for you to receive a strong visual impact. Although there is less polka dots pattern for whole set clothes, you still can find these polka dots items in everywhere.

Polka Dots Suspender Skirt Lace Polka Dot Blouse

Polka dots are claimed to be one of the most classic fashion elements in fashion development. It is very simple and easy for you to show you a retro lady in the 1950s. Simple decorations with polka dots patterns and red lips will be equally amazing and eye-catching for you to wear.

There is no doubt that these fashion polka dots will arouse a new vintage revolution in fashion circle. In addition to that, here are some cloth items with polka dots for your recommendation and reference.

Polka Dots Suspender Skirt Polka Dots Suspender Skirt

Wearing: @ Polka Dots Suspender Skirt


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