Do you who she is in this set of fashion shoots in the following? Yes, she is Anja Rubik exactly! She is a famous model born in Poland and dream of becoming a model when she is still a child. According to her talent inborn and great efforts, she rank ninth among the world top models.

Anja Rubik Anja Rubik

She is regarded as the synthesis that can show the quiet elegant, magnificent, clear and pure, moving and forceful temperament in the same time according to her impression and extraordinary glam.

Anja Rubik Anja Rubik

Relying on her perfect performance, the essence of free people is just captured in every shoots to a proper extent.

Anja Rubik Anja Rubik

‘What a sense of fashion!!!’ ‘You look so amazing and gorgeous!!!’ ‘How inspiring they are!!!’ That all are the responses of people who have seen this set of fashion shoots. As for me, I have the same feeling as them. As a famous fashion icon, she is really looking tremendous! What else, her thinking of fashion and style is different from others. Her fashion uniqueness really makes me addicted and mesmerized.

Anja Rubik Anja Rubik



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