Fashion Repost! Kinga Rajzak in Elle!

In recent times, famous model, Kinga Rajzak has been invited to take a series of amazing photos for Elle of Cuban version. You can see her charming and elegant impression in August issue. In this summer time, she has made us felt even cooler and easeful by the elegant, beautiful and cool appearance according to wearing different kinds of summer’s gorgeous and delicate dresses. The brands of dresses that she has worn include Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Celine and Chanel. Under the strong and bright shining sunlight and passion, energetic summer atmosphere, she can still be so elegant like that even she just matched them with casual sneakers. The Image Designer is Jan Kralicek, the hair stylist is Helena Vaz Pereira and the makeup artist is Katerina Brans.

Kinga Rajzak Kinga Rajzak Kinga Rajzak Kinga Rajzak Kinga Rajzak Kinga Rajzak Kinga RajzakKinga Rajzak This series of photos have deeply made me addicted to her strong and mysterious glam with no doubts. It is amazing and surprising that she can show her elegant disposition out totally and show her natural and casual feeling in the same time. I find that how important and significant the unique elegant and delicate temperament is! It is the same for common people no matter men or women particularly for women I think. For young people, I think that it is a matter that you need to do in order to make yourself to be even better. This is also an important course and process for improving and elevating yourself. I reckon that it is essential and necessary for everyone to achieve and fight for. It can make you not only shape a good personality and popularity among people, but also enjoy a wonderful and high-quality life more. According to this way, I deem that everyone can be the super star in their lives! All of them are up to you!

Kinga Rajzak Kinga Rajzak Kinga Rajzak Kinga Rajzak Kinga Rajzak Kinga Rajzak Kinga Rajzak Kinga Rajzak


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