2015 Valentino Campaign

Valentino 2015 spring and summer fashion series is fresh from the oven this time! They are dedicated to showing you the amazing and stunning visual feast.

2015 Valentino Campaign-2 2015 Valentino Campaign

Female models in this set of fashion shoots are wearing elegant lace fashion clothes. With the main theme and background of forest, trees, seas and series of natural impression, they are showing you the especially quiet and gentle temperament and impression.

2015 Valentino Campaign2015 Valentino Campaign

Valentino‘s latest Spring/Summer campaign shot by Michal Pudelka is so dreamy and pretty. Undoubtedly, this fashion set has satisfied so many ladies and women’s teenage dreams.

2015 Valentino Campaign 2015 Valentino Campaign 2015 Valentino Campaign

It is so sexy, original and lovely indeed! The light and see-through chiffon material is so elegant and romantic, making you look just like a fairy. Starfish and shell printed patterns are the most attractive and amazing that leave the most impressive impression on my mind.

2015 Valentino Campaign2015 Valentino Campaign2015 Valentino Campaign

Based on the whimsical and incredible appearance and artistic conception, they show us the free-spirited, ethereal, magical and sensual looking in front of you. I have to say that this campaign series is so heart-moving, alluring and fascinating. I just want to recommend them all to you right here!

2015 Valentino Campaign 2015 Valentino Campaign 2015 Valentino Campaign

Source: Visual Optimism


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