Fashion and Sexy Trend in 2014 Summer: Lace Sleeveless Vest

Lace Sleeveless Vest

Vest, also called as tank top, is a kind of fashion and casual favorites for young people to wear. Usually, people are used to wear vests at home. However, as more and more patterns and chic elements were added into the looked-simple vest, tank tops have occupied a large market percent among young guys. This lace sleeveless vest is such a good instance for you.

Have you get a throughout understanding about your figure type and know what kind of vests that are suitable for you to wear? Some people maybe not satisfied with their figures or they have no confidence for themselves. Don’t worry too much about that, this article is done for your sake. According to specific conditions and different figures, you will find the one that are most suitable for you.

Lace Sleeveless Vest

For people who have a plump chest or upper part, V-neck vest or loose tank top with decorative pattern, such as laces, printed flowers will be suitable for you to wear since they can shrink your size appropriately and transfer people’s attention. For people who are very thin and have a fleshless shoulder that show out a sense of skinny beautiful, tank tops with high collar and tiny wrinkles will be your best choice. This design will show your shoulder curves and fullness of your chest. If you have a swarthy body, wearing them will make you look much healthier and more energetic. For people have a thick waist, you can choose these tank tops with A-shape vest with loose hem. For people who have a wide shoulder, you can try these high neck and wide strapped vests in order to avoiding visual effect of lacking feminine dispositions.

Now, you must know what kind of figures you have, and what kind of fashion and stylish tank tops that you suit. Wearing tank tops in summer time to reveal personal charm and confidence will not be a fancy for all of you. This lace sleeveless vest will satisfy you with no conditions.


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