Fashion Summer Leader, Blue Leopard Bikini

RELLECIGA Blue Leopard Bikini

At the beginning of 1940s, great American fashion designer, Norman Norell has opened a new page of a fresh and new style, which is well-known and called as leopard style by people later.

Norman Norell, the founder and chairman of American Fashion Designers Association, is the first American famous fashion designer who gained respect from people all over the world. In people’s eyes, as a Pairs women fashion designer, he has gained a reputation of ‘the father of American high fashion’. Awards and honors that he gained in his life are countless and he is first one that is recognized formally among various fashion designers. In the same time, he is considered as one of the most influential and powerful designers in 20th century in the world.

As for the most outstanding creativity and design, it is undoubtedly these fashion leopard patterns which are not only an important representative of fashion, but also a significant symbolization of people’s spirit.

Especially in autumn and winter, the color and visual feeling of leopard items are the most suitable one for you to wear. However, in cool and passionate spring and summer, what can you do in order to avoiding the massive sense? This RELLECIGA Blue Leopard Bikini is the one to challenge your visual sense.

RELLECIGA Blue Leopard Bikini Leopard fashion can’t be regarded as a popular element only, they have almost become an eternity. Compared with these classic and original colors of leopard, these colorful leopard patterns will give you different visual experience and show you a fresh and lively impression instead of cool and overwhelming feeling. You will be surprised and appreciate what this blue leopard bikini has brought to you!

Wearing: RELLECIGA®  RELLECIGA Blue Leopard Bikini


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