At the point when times are changing, fashion is often just another tool for social commentary, normally used as a mirror that reflects the spirit of the times. Also, one prevailing theme throughout history is the position of women and their battle for sexual liberation. Enter the evolution of “slutty” clothes. From the shocking shins of flappers to the underwear on-display looks of the ’90s, each generation has had something specific to say about the position of women and their bodies in society at large.

Slutty dress

The ways slutty dress has been seen and reclaimed over time prove that women have always been stuck in a difficult situation. A woman can be looked at as a virgin or a whore. And whichever they choose, they’ll normally be simultaneously loved and hated. Hence the need to reclaim slutty clothing. The fact that women showing skin have long been deemed improper is significant of a war for control — and one that shows the significance of breaking out of the “virgin-whore dichotomy.” “Be virtuous but never prude.” “Be a hot tamale, but not too much of a hot tamale,” we’re told while society struggles to rein us into limits with the lashing of “slut.”

The 1920s: Flappers Ditched Some Layers

The flappers were perhaps the first defiant girls of our nation, regularly uneasy off to gin parties and smoky jazz clubs as mom and dad probably slept in the room upstairs. They disregarded the Gibson Girl image that their moms held in such high respect — the “delicate lady” who was the crème de la crème of elite society — and rather took on a more flashy, defiant role.

Indeed, even the name “flapper” alluded to their excitingly bad rep, coming from the old Northern British slang meaning “young prostitute.” These ladies became synonymous with Tommy Guns and indecencies, cigarette smoking alarms, and illegal dance halls.

The 1930s: The Flappers Retired Their Feather Headbands

What brought on the end of the Jazz Age and the gin-soaked hedonism that accompanied it? The short answer is that the Wall Street Crash and the Great Depression began. That wild, cheerful attitude was no longer acceptable as men started gathering at bread lines and life moved into shantytowns. With that, the glitz and glamour began fading away.

The 1940s: Sweater Girls Flaunted What Mama Gave Them

At the point when you think about the 1940s, you may not necessarily think of sex on a stick. But ladies started to dabble with their sexuality again after the upswing of the Great Depression and Second World War. Furthermore, one of the go-to moves to fall in line between modesty and wantonness was to channel your inner “sweater girl.”

Slutty dress


The 1990s: On-View Lingerie

The on-view lingerie pattern of the ’90s was a bit sexually wanton without actually being so. It blended vulgarity with style and presented “an exuberant personality that proclaimed sexuality as the basis of our lives,” as the Los Angeles Times reported. And that it was.

An article from the ’90s at The Independent read, “If there is a single word that sums up ’90s attitudes to sex it is the ubiquitous term ‘shag.’ Sex may have lost some of its mystique, but it has also lost most of its romance. Making lurve is passe; shagging is all about the here and now.” So, is it any wonder women wore their knickers on the outside?

Many women now felt able to be upfront about wanting a relationship that was just about having a good time, and the clothes reflected that — what with the introduction of slips as dresses, visible bras and panties, “clothing with thin straps and adjustable slides like those traditionally used in lingerie,” and sex-bomb outfits.

Today: Everything on Display

From cleavage to legs, bellies to backs, nipples to butt cheeks, many of us want anything and everything on display. There are ladies in more liberalized and developed areas who can now head outside with freed nipples or let a flash of cheek wink from underneath Daisy Dukes. Crop tops have been on-point for more than a handful of summers while backless dresses are often considered just as sexy (if not more than) plunging necklines.

Slutty dress


By wearing slutty clothes, ladies are saying that their value isn’t tied up to their bodies. So, the next time you find yourself wanting to judge a short hemline or an amazing flash of skin, please pause. Furthermore, consider why the lady might be choosing to do it. Just as how your response might help or impede her cause. Check for your best slutty dress.

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