Fashion Tricks of Wearing Down Jackets

Although winter is coming up very soon, the weather is still very cold this time. Sometimes, that you want to put on beautiful clothes when you go outside in frozen winter has become a daily puzzle. Plump and awkward down jackets are more likely to be regarded as one kind of wearing without any features. However, from the fashion street snaps, you can see that they can even be fashionable that surprised you. In the following, let me show you some tricks of choosing and matching of down coats.

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1. Colors

You must have heard that black can make you look even slimmer and taller visually. To choose a piece of black down jackets which is light enough can make you look perfect at first. To be matched with a pair of black pants, you will be the slimmest and thinnest person in this winter.

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2. Styles

Low-collar down coat with jackets’ design is particularly suitable for girls who have long neck. In the same time of maintaining the advantage of your figure, it will not make you look so plump like that visually.

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3. Matching

Black is the most important tricks for you to show slim and thin impression certainly. If light and thin down jackets can’t satisfy your needs of keeping warm in winter, you can just transfer your attentions to other wearing, for example, a pair of black pencil pants and high heeled shoes. When you looked taller, you will never show the plump and awkward impression at once.

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4. Details

Although it is a little difficult for down jackets to avoid heavy and thickened visual sense, you can still be looked outstanding according to details and types, for example, unique design of collar, turtleneck with metal buckles and so on. It makes you full of fashion feeling of wearing cool cargo clothes.

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5. Types

To choose down jackets that suitable for your figure and even feature is of great significance actually. For small people, you can choose short style. No matter to be matched with skinny denim pants or wide-leg pants, it can help you show the charming and alluring impression.

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