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In my previous memories especially my childhood recollection, I think that these floral printed clothes are the exclusive wearing for country women. Sometimes, I think they are too countrified and unfashionable to wear. Once I worn these floral clothes when I am a child, I have ever been made fun of by my fellows and regarded as a chuff. From the point of view with nowadays attitude, I really deem that it is so silly to think so. As a matter of fact, spring and summer is the time just for womens fashion clothing shows, and some people think that summer street is an ocean epitome of floral clothes. As the popularity spreads of chiffon shirts, chiffon floral shirts have gradually become the favorites in women’s heart. However, as I have mentioned above, if you don’t match well, you are more likely to show a rustic style. How to show a sweet and fresh style with these beautiful and elegant foral chiffon shirts? Today, I would like to share some matching tips with you.

floral shirt Floral chiffon shirts with dark colors+ preppy style black skirts+ white pointed high heel shoes+ black chain bags. It is easily to make you look older if you don’t match suitable. However, matched with black shirts with proper length and a pair of white high heeled shoes, you will show an elegant and noble feeling.

floral shirt Floral chiffon shirts+ black skinny pants+ white chain bags+ black has+ vintage round sunglasses. Vintage floral chiffon shirts and transparent material can show your sexy body and give other more imaginations.

floral shirt Purple large-V floral shirts+ blue jeans+ melon red pointed high heeled shoes+ white bags. Added with V-neck collar, purple color will show you sexy and mature as well as mysterious and enchanting temperament.

floral shirt Yellowish-brown floral chiffon shirts+ wine red casual pants+ black pointed shoes+ black clutch bag. Wine red will show you strong vintage atmosphere which is very suitable to match with styles of upper chiffon shirts.

floral shirt Floral chiffon shirts+ green long dresses with fishtail pattern+ casual shoes+ blue clutch bags. The most attractive and unique design all lies in the bottom fishtail pattern which can show you more femininity and elegance disposition.

floral shirt

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