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It is widely recognized that European and American countries are paying more attentions to the release of individuality and personal charm. Everyone is unique and independent. From the clothes wearing, you can associate with this consciousness of people strongly and obviously. However, instead of following the majority of people, to be unique and special can also show your fashion appearance. I have seen some fashion and eye-catching street snaps and I want to share with you right here. As common people, you can also be fashionable as you like.

womens dresses

Shirt skirts in purple colors, matched with a piece of army green coat tying on the waist as well as a pair of elegant and delicate black high heeled shoes, show you unique temperament just like a artists. To take with a camera, you will have an extraordinarily good weekends or trips.

Bouffancy Hem Short Dress

Wearing coat as cappa has become one of the most fashionable wearing for fashion masters. One-piece dresses in green colors matched with coats in rose red colors filled with spring and vivid feeling, will be charming and unique for you to wear. More than that, it reminds me of bouffancy hem short dress that have the same colors and styles with that chic one. I am sure that it can help you become the fashion focus in the street.

womens dresses

Exposing shoulders and waist part, this dress in deep blue colors are sexy enough for you to wear. The handbag is especially unique since the tiny and delicate appearance will show you a large room for you to take things in.

womens dresses

To dye hairs with pink colors quite weird. White coat matched with purple dress as well as a pair of round toe designed shoes, it will show you a Japanese and Korean style.

womens dresses

Even though white shirts are common, it can totally show you the fashion appearance through the whole summer time. Vivid and passionate impression will be shown by matching with sexy shorts.

womens dresses

This wearing with arc design is outstanding and unique both on colors and patterns and it will surely make you become the highlight by the charming and bright colors.

womens dresses

In order to show a lovely impression in summer time, short shirts that show your waist part, matched with red dress and yellow coat will be pleasing. Catching a handbag in watermelon appearance will be even creative and attractive to wear.

womens dresses

Sleeveless pleated shirts in gray colors, high heeled shoes and sunglasses will make you look so cool! The simple design will show you the elegant and feminine temperament of course!

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