French Women Tell Us Never Follow Trend Blindly!

In fashion field, French women are always the symbolization of confidence and elegance. They are very good at showing nature fashion style out according to their inborn features. Exclusively cool and neat looks really make you admire. They think that women should understand their personality at first and dress themselves up according to their own favorites instead of following trend blindly. Therefore, you will find most of their wardrobes are full of classical and fit clothes, not piles of old-fashioned wears. This time, I have selected some common wears to achieve French style. Maybe you will find your personal style here.

1. Striped Tees

striped shirts

Womens tees with stripe printed pattern are regarded as naval uniforms originally. It was Coco Chanel who brought it into popularity. Clothing collocation of striped printed shirts and black flared pants has added more casual temperament into their dressing-ups. They are absolutely fashion essentials for French women.

striped shirts striped shirts striped shirts

striped shirtsstriped shirts

striped shirts striped shirts striped shirts

2. Suits

neutral style

Menswear style is also an important and indispensable part in French fashion. Compared with men’s suits, women’s wears are looked more delicate and close-fitting in order to show their exclusively feminine temperament. Cool neutral style with elegant feeling will be shown easily.

neutral styleneutral styleneutral style

neutral styleneutral styleneutral style

3. Scarves

fashion scarves

Do you know that reasons why French women love scarves are out of healthy need? They are not willing to expose their neck in cold days since it makes them easy to catch cold. They can be worn naturally and beautifully when tied on necks and bags, being the highlight of your overall looks.

fashion scarves fashion scarves fashion scarves

fashion scarves fashion scarves

4. Trench coats

women trench coats

Compared with leather jackets and denim coats, womens trench coats are just in accordance with French women’s wishes. No matter how many years pass, they are always the most popular items in the street. They can show variety of fashionable and eye-catching looks such as wearing belts to show great figure curves, stratified feeling and cool looks.

women trench coats women trench coats women trench coats

women trench coats  women trench coats  women trench coats

5. Flat Shoes

women flat shoes

When you walk in French’s street, you would not see so many appearances of high heeled shoes. More can be seen is natural and comfortable flat shoes. Such a pair of all-matched wears is going to arouse an everlasting fashion trend worldwide, from Red Carpet to street-style impressions.

women flat shoes women flat shoes women flat shoes

women flat shoes women flat shoes women flat shoes

French women show us the principles of being glam until you are old. They teach us to know and love ourselves more in order to be a better person. To be confident and positive as them and just show your exquisite personal style now!


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