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High Collar Stripe T-shirt

Black and white has been regarded as the evergreen tree in the fashion field. No matter how fashion changes, you can always find their position. The appearance of striped pattern fills your life everywhere certainly and undoubtedly, from shirts, blouses to dresses, shoes to bags.

High Collar Stripe T-shirt High Collar Stripe T-shirt High Collar Stripe T-shirt High Collar Stripe T-shirt

When you put on a shirt with striped printed pattern, the first feeling that it shows to you is the cool and fresh feeling. Maybe that is the reason why they can be so popular like that all the time in the fashion field. That is to say, striped wearing such as high collar stripe t-shirt, is undoubtedly your essential in wardrobes.

High Collar Stripe T-shirtHigh Collar Stripe T-shirtHigh Collar Stripe T-shirtHigh Collar Stripe T-shirt

This striped pattern even shows you diversification, including pinstripes, wide stripes, regular stripes, gradually changing stripes, symmetric stripes and diagonal stripes and so on. As for colors, they are even exaggerated and audacious. Red, green, blue, yellow and related colors that are regarded as strong contrast colors can all be seen. Bright colors can certainly help you show the outstanding and eye-catching impression while the combination of black and white will show you the elegant and chic looking.

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As the all-matched and essential basic wearing, striped wearing in black and white, worn as underwear or outerwear, can just show you the perfect impression from the aspect of clothing matching.

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Everything is just right exactly. They are showing you the low-key but gorgeous glam that you can never ignore. The greatest feature of black and white stripe lies in its flexible and vivid temperament. Different colors show you the strong contrast. Compared with the fresh, cool and nature feeling of navy style stripe, they can show you more overwhelming and mature feeling.

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