From Fashion Runways to Street-Style Snaps

As variety of fashion shows are held in every year, there are so many new fashion dressing-ups and the latest popular elements come to your eyes. More than that, some of them, regarded as the main fashion stream in a certain time, will surely be highlighted and arouse widely attentions.

fashion street-style snaps

Generally speaking, it seems that ordinary people would seldom wear women fashion that is released on runway. In most cases, we can see super stars attend activities and ceremonious occasions wearing fashion from these brands. The most possible thing for them to do is to wear clothes with the similar fashion element that are also deemed as the fashionable one. However, the problem is, where does our fashion inspirations come? It is not wrong for some people to say that runway shows give us the latest fashion report and teach us how to dress. As far as I’m concerned, the main point lies in the clothes including its style and type that you choose. Apart from those fashion clothes with unique design that you would not wear in daily life, there still have so many examples for ordinary people’s sake. Believe it or not, fashionistas will guide you this time.

fashion street-style snaps fashion street-style snaps

For some casual and sporty style dressing-ups appearing in the fashion shows, I suggest that you can choose directly. For example, simple printed shirts and baggy denim jeans.

fashion street-style snaps fashion street-style snaps fashion street-style snaps fashion street-style snaps

If you want to wear these clothes with unique design, I suggest that you should do some changes. Deep V-neck printed design matching with scarves and red wine boots as well as mini shoulder bags show you the high fashion looks in shoots. When it comes to the street, you can match it, folding its bottom to the waist part, with a pair of Bermuda shorts and black boots.

fashion street-style snaps fashion street-style snaps

In addition to that, for hipsters, they would not copy the entire dressing-ups from runways. In generally, they would choose the main characteristic wearing and make it go with other kinds of wears that they deem as fashion. Maybe it is the same kind with different prints or different color, or even other wears. That would be all depended on you. According to this way, you can show all kinds of chic looks according to your own fashion ideas.


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