Gigi Hadid’s Tank Top Style

Gigi Hadid was named the International Model of the Year by the British Fashion Council in 2016. Believe it or not! She’s been modeling since the age of two. Gap Designer, Marciano, signed her up for Baby Gap. Why not? Her mother, Yolanda Foster, was a model too! Anyway, Gigi is often seen in her sexy tank tops. It’s amazing the way she stylizes such a casual piece of clothing and makes it look so glamorous. She culminates street style with her effortless ensembles.

sexy tank tops

The Tank Tops

She wears all the different styles to complete her look. To begin with, Gigi wears them with and without an upper shirt depending on the look she wants. She’s been spotted wearing a ribbed, spaghetti strapped top with a full-sleeved shirt. She has been wearing halter-necks both in casual and formal occasions. Cropped short tanks that bare her abdomen or longer tanks that reach the belt, all look equally sexy on her. Neck styles ranged from the square neck, straight neck, button-downed she wears them all.

sexy tank tops

Pairs Them With

Mostly jeans!!! Tank tops look the coolest with jeans. Be the jeans, light or dark, stonewashed or torn-out. Gigi comes out looking gorgeous in tank tops with blue jeans. She also stylizes her sexy tank tops with black pants. In one of her outfits, Gigi wears a halter-neck black top with one side raised asymmetrically as though buttoned up with tight black pants.

sexy tank tops

Another great idea is to wear the tanks with mini-skirts. One of my favorite outfits is her wearing a white tank with a short, flouncy skirt. Gigi stylizes her tanks with cropped denim skirts as well as more formal wraparounds.

sexy tank tops

Shoe Styles

No outfit is complete without the right type of shoes. Gigi’s style ranges in as large a variety as a model should! Endless shoes from sneakers to sandals, low to high heels, casual to formal. Each day, Gigi is found in just the right one to match her look. Her best was wearing button-down white, knee-high boots with a short, white shirt and a tank top. Simply fantastic!

sexy tank tops

Accessories her Style

Never forget the power of accessories to complete your look. Gigi gracefully matches her street style with big framed sunglasses, a medium to large sized bag and a variety of earrings. Sometimes, she’ll wear a long chain too.

sexy tank tops

In the end, I believe that Gigi Hadid is the queen of street style. Her clothes are always elegant. Gigi effortlessly puts together simple and sexy tank tops with jeans and sneakers and looks fabulous nonetheless. She is very creative is using her tanks with skirts of all lengths and styles. She has also incorporated her tank tops in her formal wardrobe.

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