The Guide to Wear Your Shirt Dress

A shirt dress is basically a casual shirt that extends to make a dress. The most common of them all are those that look like a long button down shirts. You can either get your creative juices going and create your own using an old oversized shirt or just buy one. They are usually easy to wear and have a casual feel to them, which makes them the ideal garment for those warm summer days. Even the vintage shirt dress. Aside from there versatility, they also have a street chic aura as well as being incredibly sexy when worn correctly.

vintage shirt dress



The shirt dress has the ability to look perfect by itself, however, it’s always better to style them up just a little bit more. Pairing black leggings with a vintage shirt dress will do just that. The leggings usually also look good when paired with shaped shirt dresses alongside a pair of any cute ankle boots. For a real impact pair your bold red dress with black 3/4 leggings alongside long black boots. This outfit would be a definite eye catcher.

vintage shirt dress



However, if leggings are not so much your thing you can go the jeans route. They work just as well as leggings do, but only if they are skin tight. A looser dress shirt is the ideal choice when jeans are involved in the ensemble. Denim over denim works wonders in such scenarios and it comes together best when worn with sandals. A white plain shirt dress will also looker super cute when worn over faded skinny jeans alongside some elegant heels.

vintage shirt dress



Sometimes you’ll find a shirt dress you like that may come off looking a little shapeless and goes on to swamp your figure, You can overcome such situations by cinching its waist using a fabric tie or belt. This will effectively and effortlessly create the appearance of your waistline. Experiment and add extra detail to your shirt dress by pairing it up with different types of belts.

vintage shirt dress



All in all, in the world of the closet classics, the vintage shirt dress is a definite mainstay. Every woman’s closet should contain at least one item of this nature. They are comfortable, so easy to wear and there casual appearance as well as versatility makes them an ideal garment for almost all occasions. With all these reasons and style tips provided for you, can you still really not afford to have one? Go on, get yours today




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