How Do Celebrities Rock a Newsboy Cap?

The fashion world indeed is trending beyond the ordinary, styles evolving daily both in men and female wears. You can change up the materials with the seasons, wearing breathable cotton in the summers and wool or felt in the winter.

The newsboy cap has evolved in the heart of many celebrities, and you might not call yourself a hat person, but take a good look at how celebrities rock the newsy cap which compliments their outfit giving them a chic look especially the women.

paperboy hat

The newsboy cap dresses up any outfit and adds an element of flair and style. Most celebrities prefer to avoid the same styles, but occasionally there comes a trend that even supermodels can’t resist like Kendall Jenner and Kaia Gerber.

paperboy hat

Bella Hadid appeared as the queen of rocking the paperboy hat in multiple colors and even designed one for her Chrome Heart Collection.

paperboy hat

Another celebrity who have worn the paperboy hat and nailed it giving them a classy look is Nina Dobrev, Nina Dobrev stated that the hat might look old because it belongs to her grandfather but the hat still gave her a chic look.

paperboy hat

Hilary Duff and Kristen Stewart also rocked the paperboy hat. Hilary Duff wore a black newsboy cap which gave her a cool look.

paperboy hat

Here are tips on how celebrities rock the newsboy cap,

Wear a Paperboy hat with a feminine – inspired coat, it could be a trench coat or a modern blazer. When aiming for a fashionable look, think unfussy chic or monochromatic looks. They are easy to throw in a newsy cap and create a lustrous classy look. Include your Paperboy hat to your artistic casual looks by pairing, ripped jeans to a black sweater, coat, and sneakers.

paperboy hat

Be sure not to pair it with old-fashioned things. The paperboy hat is an item which looks old in itself, so do not pair it with other old timed things. It will not look as vintage or antique as you might think, but you can pair it with other fashionable items such as ripped jeans, or a black jacket, which will make you look like your favorite star.


Note: If you want to dress like a celebrity, put on a hat. Seriously. It doesn’t have to match with your outfit. if you style it with grace and confidence, you will look as fashionable as a Hollywood Star.




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