How Does Celebrities Rock Their Style With the High Waisted Maxi Skirt?

Celebrities are no doubt the most influential fashion trendsetters. Designers use them to market their clothes, jewelry, and accessories, as they have a large impact on how the public accepts a certain fashion item. When it comes to clothes, a celebrity can make or break his or her image by the clothes they wear. Hard clothing to pull off like high-waisted maxi skirts is especially closely monitored by the fashion savvy.

high waisted maxi skirt	When we talk about fashion icons, Blake Lively is usually at the top of the list. Whether out for a coffee run or strutting down the red carpet, this blonde beauty knows how to wear her clothes. She was once spotted on the streets wearing a red high-waisted maxi skirt, coupled with a white tank and a cutoff coat. This look was completed by a pair of white Havaianas, lending it a relaxed and carefree feel to it. Many people who wear high-waisted maxi skirts have been known to top it with a tank as it accentuates the waistline, giving it a polished, feminine look. Sandals are the go-to shoe wear since they do not detract from the appealing ensemble.

high waisted maxi skirt

Vanessa Hudgens takes the maxi high-waisted skirt to the next level. On numerous occasions, you can see her wearing a crop top to highlight her small waist. For younger, fashion savvy people, this look lends it an air of simple sophistication as well as maintains the image of being young and fun-loving. With this look, a long pendant is always desirable to draw attention to the bared midriff. Accessories should be kept at a minimum with this as the main attraction is the look itself in its simplicity.

high waisted maxi skirt

Another way celebrities style the high-waisted maxi skirt is using a long-sleeved jacket or cardigan. Both these options are suitable for a slightly chilly evening or a walk in a woody place. Take the cue from Rachel Bilson as she struts around in her blazer inspired maxi skirt look. Keeping her jewelry minimal, Bilson wears a nude-colored maxi skirt with a black tank and black blazer. This look is best for those who like the minimalist idea of dressing.

high waisted maxi skirt

Other ways to wear this sought-after skirt is the bohemian look and Jennifer Lopez shows you how. She finishes her tank top tucked in a high waist skirt look with a wide-brimmed bohemian hat. This is a good look for weddings, picnics and even date nights on those warm summer nights. The celebrity must follow the rule of wearing high waist maxi skirts is to make sure it fits your size and is styled accordingly: minimum accessories work best.high waisted maxi skirt


High waisted maxi skirts lend the wearer a sexy, sophisticated and feminine look. The best way to wear this must-have fashion item is to keep accessories at a minimum, as most celebrities say.


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