How to Earn Money at Home during COVID-19 Pandemic?

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, most countries have taken drastic measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Some of these measures include total lockdown and movement restriction. This situation is continually confronting every level of the global economy because many industries are feeling the weight regardless of the size of the business. Many workers have been laid off or furloughed like in the restaurant industry, airlines, gambling, food services, theme parks, conventions, and many more due to their exposure to the disease.

We all need an income to get our life going on but with the quarantine going on; it’s not possible to access our normal source of income. But did you know you can make money from home despite the ongoing pandemic? Yes, with the BG Bee app. BG-Bee app is an app created by Banggood –an online shopping retailer-to offer easy access to millions of products. Besides the comfort, convenience, and cost-effectiveness of shopping from home using the BG-Bee app, there is a great deal of cashback. You can earn money using BG Bee app using the following ways when you buy or sell

Cashback on every product you purchase– every time you place an order, you will receive a cashback on your account after the shipping is complete.

BG Bee app

Coupon codes– look for promo codes offered and match with the product that’s on promotion. You will get amazing discounts.

BG Bee app

Commission– anytime you share available deals with friends and family and they get to place an order of the shared deal, you get a commission in turn.

BG Bee app

Team commission share– any person you invite and place an order becomes a member of your team. If they refer other people and they place an order you earn a little reward commission. The bigger the team, the higher the commission you will receive. With a team size of 0-5 members you get 1 star, 10- 500 members you get 2 stars and above 500 members you get a 3 star.

BG Bee app

Now just start earning by downloading the BG-Bee app at play store or apple store and start earning. You can also join by using a referral code from a friend. Don’t forget to invite your friend to these great deals when you join to get the team commission share.

BG Bee app

Staying at home and being safe is a priority during this pandemic but you also need some money to sustain you. Get the BG-Bee app and start earning by clicking here. If any questions about the app, please contact us by emailing to


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